07.04.2016 05:24 AM

One. Per. Cent.

I’ve actually never seen something like this before. Kind of speechless. 


  1. nosurprises says:

    I suspect you could ask the same question to folks on food stamps, or eternal welfare benefits and come up with a similar percentage.

    No surprises here.

  2. Brace Ourselves says:

    Let’s hope but, too good to be true, I’d say.

  3. Peter Mumford says:

    I believe Ford ’76 had the highest AA voting preference since the civil rights era, with Reagan ’80 just a little bit behind, both in the mid-teens. It’s been going steadily downward since then, with McCain and Romney in the low single digits.

  4. Campbell says:

    Well, with that margin of error, he could be polling as high as 3.4% 😉

  5. Ron says:

    He’s rich, white, republican.


  6. Ronald O'Dowd says:


    You know what they say: the only place he can go is up!

  7. Ian Howard says:

    I’m speechless he is polling that high.

  8. Bill Templeman says:

    Speaking of things you haven’t scene before, check out the iconography on this stupefying jpeg. Could Trump Porn become a new pop-art genre?


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