07.14.2016 07:56 AM

Pokemon Go To Hell

P.S. Seriously? Really? Hello?


  1. Nasty Bob says:

    You know that zombie invasion that you fear so ? Well it’s here ! Last night riding my bike through Prince’s there were no less than 100 of them shuffling along face to screens

  2. Mike Adamson says:

    And get off Warren’s lawn! I’m not playing but I’m enjoying the stories. To each his own.

  3. G. McRae says:

    White people. What are you going do?

  4. Mark says:

    Your beloved Michelle Rempel seems to be into it. She’s even had a Pokemon lure set up at her Stampede pancake breakfast tomorrow.

  5. Ray says:

    You grow old, you grow old….

  6. rww says:

    Sad that people need a device to tell them to go outside but at least they are going outside.

  7. bluegreenblogger says:

    Did Pokemons not disappear about 15-20 years ago? The Quebec city police. Hm, two $30 tickets for failing to indicate, and driving into a Police Cruiser whilst distracted seems a trifle lenient. A bicyclist backed into would be dead. That is why it is called impaired driving, when you are doing something on purpose that prevents you from driving safely. I have not really seen anybody wondering around like this. I am beginning to think that Etobicoke is exempt or something.

  8. Patrice Boivin says:

    I installed it on my cellphone and let my 10 year old play with it… he found a pokemon “spot” near our house (a painted electrical relay) and a pokemon center (the corner store near our house? How does THAT happen, that store is going to sell 10x more candy now).

    He also walked around our house fifty times while I was mowing the lawn, something about having to make an egg hatch.

    The game lets players pretend they are living similar adventures to what the main character experienced in the cartoons (Ash Catchem).

    Fun for my son but I wonder about the adults playing while driving etc. it’s stupid.
    a) the game says every time you start playing it again that you have to pay attention to your environment
    b) when I was young I believed / assumed adults were generally accomplished, grown up and responsible. BOY WAS I WRONG


    • MedEditor says:

      RE: b) when I was young I believed / assumed adults were generally accomplished, grown up and responsible. BOY WAS I WRONG

      I was lucky enough to find that out early — when I sat, as a student rep, on my university senate for a couple of years. Discussions were not much better than I had seen at student council in high school. Taught me early and benefited my personal actions for my entire life.

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