07.14.2016 07:48 AM

Rosie DiManno: when news writers make the news


No one – particularly those delighting in it – knows the full story. Innocent before proven guilty, etc. Beyond a reasonable doubt, too. All that.

That said, and more generally, it certainly appears there may be a problem in the newsroom at the Toronto Star. It’s not a new thing, either: I saw it up close with a friend, years ago. Unlike what I suspect will happen in DiManno’s case, the friend was treated like garbage, something to be disposed of.

Anyway. Whatever the facts are in the DiManno (anticipated) prosecution, one thing is for certain: their just-announced probe into the newsroom “culture” is probably a waste of money.

Here’s my recommendation, free of charge, One Yonge:

Start behaving.


  1. Peter says:

    When my son was younger and asked me why he had to do what I said, I told him it was because I was his father. Persuaded that such old-style parenting only bred resentment and resistance, I now tell him it’s because he needs to fit into our family culture. Strangely, he just rolls his eyes and does what he wants.

  2. doconnor says:

    Based on her writing she always seem atypical of Toronto Star news room culture.

  3. nosurprises says:

    Hey…..the idea of a bunch of left wing loons kicking the crap out of each other kinda appeals to me.

    More please.

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