07.13.2016 07:38 PM

There are few things I love more than this


  1. Kevin says:

    I’m guessing mid-60s – it has the flat headlights and also the signals on the fenders. Beautiful machine. Is it yours? I’m jealous.

  2. Jean A Paterson says:

    Nothing sweeter than a shiny yellow bug! I mean beetle!

  3. nosurprises says:

    Dirty Hippie !!

    but they do get great mileage, and if you get an older one….they run forever.

  4. harvey bushell says:

    For a few dollars you could turn it into something like this to perhaps generate a little cash to supplement running this website. Personally I thought NY politician Anthony Wiener should have used this when he was running for office last time.


  5. nosurprises says:

    28 Chevy…nice.

    Warren had one once.

    He bought it new.

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