08.26.2016 09:58 AM

Adler-Kinsella Show: expense accounts and the so-called alt right 

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    Kevin says:

    Good, interesting discussion, as always. Regarding your comment about free-spending politicians eventually regretting it, that’s bang on. Case in point: of the two voters in this household, both of whom supported Minister McKenna last election, she can kiss one goodbye. The other (me) won’t walk away as a result of this one incident. But it’s a sentimental family thing – I’m one of those voters whose party affiliation is bred in the bone: my grandmother pounded the pavement for Lester Pearson every election he fought. And I try very hard to honour the family tradition. But seeing Minister McKenna wheel away from reporters asking about this, with a breezy “I must go”? Not impressed.

    So if the NDP put forward e.g. another Dewar next election I’m probably gone too. The Dewar name is golden in this town, and I was heavily involved in Project 4000.

    Both sentimental reasons. And both exactly how I feel.

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