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Pigs kill bear

Does this disgust you?


It should. It’s an Ohio man who filmed himself killing a black bear in Alberta – with a spear with a camera mounted on it. He’s a narcissistic, loathsome bodybuilder type who used bait in a barrel to attract the bear.  After he speared it, the animal was left for a day to die. You can reach him by email to tell him what you think about what he did: bowmarfitness@gmail.com.  Also here.

The Albertans who helped him kill the bear run a business promoting the killing of bears.  You can reach them here.

The Alberta government apparently plans to outlaw this killing, and is considering charges against these scumbags.  In the meantime, feel free to drop them a line and tell them what you think.

If enough interest develops, we can perhaps put together a boycott of the companies who help sponsor this kind of insanity: the Nisku Inn, Under Armour, Nikon and others.



  1. Kevin T. says:

    This part really pissed me off:

    “The hunting party left the area afterward, due to darkness and rain, Bowmar later says. The next morning they returned and found the bear dead, about 50 metres from where it had been hit.”

    His online life is about to change, and so should the hunting company behind this, they let an animal suffer for their amusement and profit.

    • Kevin T. says:

      Also, it begets a couple angering questions: were the photos taken before or after the bear was dead? Was the spear ripped out of the bear before or after it was dead for the photos?

      (Sorry for replying to own comment)

    • Kevin T. says:

      Also, it begets a couple angering questions: were the photos taken before or after the bear was dead? Was the spear ripped out of the bear before or after it was dead for the photos?

  2. ottawacon says:

    Where is the Nikon connection? That one is somewhat surprising given their other conservation sponsorships.

    I suspect some of the athletes now prominently featured in Under Armour marketing would be fairly appalled at the connection to Bowmar.

    • Warren says:

      They sponsor the bear hunting firm in Alberta.

      • ottawacon says:

        Heads should roll at Under Armour for this. They have had two of their high profile athletes win gold medals (Murray and Phelps) in the last few days, yet more media attention has been drawn to UA by this story.

  3. gyor says:

    I’ve known hunters and they’d be disgusted at how he left the animal to suffer a slow and cruel death. I hope there is jail time for all invovled.

  4. Lynn says:

    I cannot describe my disgust at hunting for sport. For food, that is something else. My thoughts about these types of “people” cannot be said or written in a public forum, and neither can my fantasies about what I would like to do to them just to show them what suffering can feel like. I know that makes me awful too.

    I have to wonder….really wonder, about any person who wants to inflict pain and suffering on any creature. There should be a special place in hell for them.

    What a sad end for a beautiful creature who was just trying to live its life.

    Can we legislate against trophy hunting? I would get behind that in a second. Rich bastards with guns and a trophy room can take their “business” elsewhere.

    Old story: in the 60s my friend’s sister worked for a very rich American couple (he was president of a huge US company) who would in their heyday (1950s and earlier) go to Africa and trophy hunt. There was a room in the summer house that was an animal funeral home (my friend’s dad called it). Every beautiful African animal you could image…hung on the walls…and an elephant foot umbrella stand. It was horrifying.

    • Steve T says:

      I agree with the focus on trophy hunting. I am a hunter, but all my quarry are animals that I ultimately eat. Deer, geese, and ducks. Some people do eat bear, but it isn’t the norm, and I doubt it’s why this jerk killed this bear. Even if it was, all ethical hunters take every step possible to reduce suffering in the animals we hunt. Not this sort of crap.

  5. james elder says:

    They are just like Isis. Their religion is narcissism and they are at war with nature. The uniforms are different but the intent is the same. Kill anything that is other.

  6. Michael Bluth says:

    The Alberta Fish and Game Association has rightly condemned this moron. AFGA represents hunters and fishers who respect the conservation and utilization of fish and wildlife in our great province.

    I personally think any effort should be directed towards supporting the work of the AFGA on this matter. That seems like the most effective way to devote time and energy on this matter.

    Has anyone else here even been to the Nisku Inn? Or know where Nisku is? Or why Nisku is important in the economy of Alberta?

    The target market of the Nisku Inn and the audience of this here web site are polar opposites.

    • Eric Weiss says:

      Its hotel by the Edmonton International Airport. It used to be a great joint, but it’s pretty much a shithole now. Nisku is an industrial area south of Edmonton.

  7. e.a.f. says:

    Happy to read you writing about this and thank you for the information.

    Read about this earlier and that the Alberta government would be passing laws to prohibit this type of hunting.

    What an idiot this guy is. He will probably be voting for Trump also.

    It is beyond me why someone would want to kill a bear with a spear. I understand why people hunt for food and use a rifle for a clean, fast kill.
    This guy actually wanted it all filmed. He most likely thought it was going to make him famous. Well it is. Off to send him a letter.

  8. PJH says:

    I was disgusted by this….and phoned Under Armour yesterday to tell them exactly how I felt about their corporate sponsorship of this neandertal……I told them I was boycotting their products and encouraging everyone I knew to do likewise…..It wont change things, of course….but it made me feel, if only for a short while, a little better……

  9. Don Darker says:

    First off I would like to express my disgust at the “Progressive Hypocrites” posting about this. You all would defend the “right” of aboriginals to hunt Whales on the West Coast with traditional weapons, you decry the use of firearms and suggest that hunters (if they are allowed to exist in your distopic reality) should use primitive weapons to allow the wild animals a far chance …. and yet you cry foul when the hunter actually does what you are requesting. I have no other knowledge of this hunt other than what I have read here and elsewhere and I draw a completely different conclusion

    The hunter is an experienced Javelin thrower and the bear died as quickly as it would have with an arrow or bullet (he was found within 50 yards), the spear travelled completely thru the bear leaving a mortal wound; it was approaching dark and it’s not recommended to go after a wounded animal in the dark (especially a bear). They came back the next morning to search and collect the bear.

    • PJH says:

      The bow hunters I know don’t bait a half tame animal, they don’t have someone with a rifle on hand to protect their ass if things go south, they stalk the animal, and try and ensure a swift clean kill, and track it immediately to ensure they did…..they also don’t prance around like a giddy school boy celebrating their kill…..instead they offer quiet thanks to the animal…..and if you think that animal died as quickly as if struck by a bullet, or a heart/lung shot with an arrow, then you are clearly a fool….who knows how long it took the bear to die, but it was obviously dragging its entrails through the woods as it was dying……
      This was a cruel barbaric way to kill an animal…….but what angered me most was how this neandertal celebrated killing it……no dignity, no class…..just pure synthol on display…..
      I hope his youtube business is destroyed, and I hope his corporate sponsors dump him like the piece of excrement he is…….

      • Don Darker says:

        I don’t disagree with some of your position; however you remain “half-cocked” on some points. Nowhere it it suggested that it’s a half tame bear, it’s standard practice to bait for bears in a number of areas in North America (including Alberta) and that does nothing to make them “tame”. A “Lung Shot” with an arrow would take a much longer time to die than the description of this hunt … it would appear that you are the one looking foolish. Yes it “barbaric” but I’ll bet that dosn’t stop you from eating your steak or bacon, does it? Or, are you now a card carrying member of PETA?

        • PJH says:

          Have you watched the video?……He threw the spear once, and missed……the bear took off, and had it not been habituated to humans, and baited……I suspect it would not have returned….I’ve seen lung shots drop animals in minutes….this bear could have taken hours to die….who knows, because they chose not to track it…..I suppose they were too busy getting the camera angles right for his celebratory jig……FYI,…..I am not anti hunting……I do consume meat, not a lot…but I do eat it….but hope that it is raised humanely, and killed in a relatively humane fashion….stunning and/or captive bolt…..not perfect….but better than spearing this animal through the guts and giddily prancing about like the Neandertal he clearly is….it is not the hunting that upset me, but the obvious joy he took in killing the bear……A narcisstic synthol laden pretty boy jock that thought this abomination was going to make him a youtube sensation……well it blew up in his face…….and I take great joy in that….’nuff said….

    • smelter rat says:

      Did you even read the story?

    • Dan Calda says:

      Progressive hypocrites?

      What is the opposite of progressive? Most books would say regressive. I am glad you are proud of that. Your comments about aboriginal folk are a classic case of deflection. They have nothing to do with Tarzan.

      Indeed disgusting…

      • Don Darker says:

        So, you suggest I am deflecting by suggesting that “Progressives” (that’s a term Liberals, NDP and Democrats all use to refer to themselves) would defend one cultures right but deny another of the same right? That meets the criteria for suggesting that you sir are a racist and a bigot.

  10. e.a.f. says:

    the “bowmar” excuse for a human has his reply up and running for those of us who wrote him to express our concerns and suggest he is not welcome in Canada. the reply isn’t much.

    Also wrote the under armour corp. to “share” MY feelings about their sponsorship. Suggested their corporate “ideals” needed work.

    Suggested to the corp. and “bowmar” they get psychiatric help for their mental health issues.

    Now to Don Darker: there is a great deal of difference between traditional hunting done by First Nations people and some dumb piece of trash deciding to make some money off of “spearing” a bear or another animal. This guy wasn’t hunting so much as making a video to promote himself and his business. As to not being safe to search for a bear in the dark, well that ought to have been thought about that prior to killing the bear in this manner. They could have forgone the killing or come back at an earlier time, but no this guy had his steroids or whatever up and running and wanted to film his “achievement”. If you shoot an animal and its not dead you follow it, even if its dark. If the animal gets you instead, well its a fair fight at least. But cowards such as this guy and his “supporters” are cowards. they were willing to kill the animal but not take any chances themselves. it wasn’t about hunting it was about the money the video would make. I’m sure we will be seeing it on some t.v. show in the near future and you can bet it will be peddled in other parts of the world by the great “hunter”/coward.

    Lets hope all provinces and territories change their laws to ban these types of activities. Once this news gets out, we can expect any number of other cowards to come to Canada and try the same thing. if they do, I hope the bears get them first.

    • Don Darker says:

      You people make my point relative to over-reactive hypocrites for me. First Nations, Africans and us poor bastards from Europe all have the same traditions of hunting with primitive weapons …. no difference, except we invented better weapons sooner! I see nothing in this story suggesting that “bowmar fitness” is doing anything to promote his business, and the Alberta Outfitter is at the mercy of his client’s statements. As to following a wounded omnivore in the dark … I suggest we reserve that sport for ill informed progressives … it is clearly stated in other articles about this issue that the spear was retrieved immediately after it passed through the bear and that in itself suggested the wound has mortal. If you had half the brains you think you do, you would find hundreds of Youtube videos of Bow Hunters filming there hunts. It would appear that not only are you ill informed but you are also a racist and don’t believe in equal rights … “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.”

      • Ray says:

        This kind of brainless bravado is on par with Cecil the lion, bullfighting, fox hunting, rodeo and numerous other bastardized versions of hunting/food-gathering, animal husbandry, entertainment, etc. or whatever these microphalluses want to call it.

        I call it pathetic.

    • PJH says:

      Well said Sir!

  11. Ron says:

    I’m sure he will vote for Trump when he slithers back to Ohio.

  12. Francis says:

    I’ll be honest, I’m not as offended by this incident as I probably should be.

    Here’s why:

    1. Technically, what he did wasn’t illegal. He was allowed to hunt the bear; thats not the problem. What appears that what people are taking issue with here is the method by which he hunted the bear — which is a bit ludicrous and leads me to my second point.

    2. What difference does it remotely make that bear suffered before it died by this method of hunting as opposed to the “socially acceptable” way of using a bullet? Ultimately, the animal is being killed. Its pointless in trying to inject nobility into the act of hunting because by nature, hunting is the exercise of man’s dominance over animal. Theres nothing wrong with that, but feigning this kind of compassion for an animal and expressing such indignation for the way it is killed, while ultimately deeming its death acceptable is a good example of cognitive dissonance.

    3. He killed the bear with a spear. Most people can’t even throw a broom stick in a straight angle. Subtract the obligatory social-media reaction to the video and the selective hypocrisy, what he did was/is a common method of hunting where/when guns are absent. So, lets not completely criminalize a guy for doing something that we’ve been doing since the dawn of humanity.

    For the record, I love bears and personally am not fond of hunting but I’m not going to pretend I’m deeply offended.

  13. Ray says:

    He’s a piece of fucking shit.
    Same goes for the guide/outfitterwho helped arrange it.

    (I’ll spare you the rest of my rant)

  14. PJH says:

    Received an email from Under Armour today. It pleased me to know that Josh Bowmar was not sponsored by Under Armour.

    It stated: “Josh Bowmar is not an Under Armour sponsored athlete. The method he used to harvest this animal was reckless and we do not condone this method of hunting.”

    Dunno if the bad publicity will ruin further sponsorship of this synthol fueled turd, but I certainly hope it does……

    • e.a.f. says:

      I too received the same e-mail from Under Armour.

      It may some time before some one tries this bear hunting with a spear stunt again and publicizes it. Hope this post and others like it have sent a message. It won’t stop the really crazy ones who want to just kill animals, but they won’t be advertising their deeds and it may stop those who don’t want the adverse publicity should the information get out. who says blogs don’t make a difference.

  15. P. Brenn says:

    wasteful harvesting of a magnificent animal for nothing –

    I see the clip but given bait etc – how many tries did he really take before his “win” – call me sketical about how this was done – regardless its just idiotic

  16. Glen says:

    Whoa – I’m a food hunter too, aboriginal (not that that should make a diff) and though I don’t hunt bear nor do I hunt for “sport”, I really don’t have an issue with either. Nor do I have an issue with this hunter and the way he took down the bear.

    Allow me to make a few points here:

    1- The bear didn’t “suffer” any more than any animal taken by archery or firearms would. I’ve seen a deer go well over a hundred yards (double the distance this bear did) with it’s heart punctured by a 170 grain 30-30 slug.

    2- In any case, the bears death was a lot more merciful than the end they usually meet when left to nature.

    3- Bears are not an endangered species, some places they are so numerous the populations will need culling *which is why I have no issue with “sports hunting”

    4-No laws were broken

    5- Taking a bear with a spear is a hell of an accomplishment, period.

    6- Our ancestors hunted and killed with spears (fairly recent ancestors for some of us)

    I have a feeling that – sans the macho pose with the downed beast – the outrage machine would hardly have fired up. In these times where the sensitive beta male is celebrated, nothing seems to get people frothing with moral outrage more than the sight of a testosterone charged Alpha male doing only what is hard wired into us from simple evolution.

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