08.08.2016 05:15 PM

Reading this, one starts to wonder if he truly is an insane person 

The 250 (mainly people) Donald Trump has insulted.

Because I presently lack the means to do anything else, I respond with this:


  1. Kelly says:

    Actually 90% of the people on that list need to be insulted. Apparently 50 influential Republicans published an open letter today stating their disapproval of Trump. The former reality TV star shot back…“These insiders – along with Hillary Clinton – are the owners of the disastrous decisions to invade Iraq, allow Americans to die in Benghazi, and they are the ones who allowed the rise of ISIS.”

    The truth hurts . . . especially when delivered by an idiotic liar. That’s the problem. Now nobody will believe that those guys ARE responsible for most of the worst problems in the world today.

  2. Francis says:

    He’s the accident that keeps on getting worse but no one can shake themselves out of pure shock in order to grasp the gravity of the matter.

    Its honestly surreal that Donald Trump has succeeded getting this far. Its seems almost prophetic now for this guy to become president after having annihilated every single orthodox or logical belief that pre-existed.

    Almost a year since his launch and we’re still standing here watching him saying: “Is he for real? Is this happening? How could someone be so insane and why aren’t people reacting to this more viscerally?”

    His whole campaign seems like one giant parody; something you would see in an apocalyptic movie.

    I don’t even hate Trump because I can’t bring myself into taking this guy serious. Every word that comes out of his mouth sounds like something a comedy writer would come up with to lambaste platitude saturated politicians. He is the epitome of everything he claims not to be and the antithesis of everything he claims to be.

    Yet, here were are. America, a country known for its obsession with reality television, now living out a real life reality show. The United States of America has officially become a parody of its former self. I

    • Ron says:

      Trump preaches to the dumbed down and easily led. People with the IQ of a radish and the foresight of a lemming.

      Woe is U.S.

      • Francis says:

        Look, I think its safe to say that American politics as a whole is incredibly dumb. The central pillar of running a successful political election in the US is being able to effectively grift voters into liking a candidate on personal level through platitudes and pseudo-patriotic demagoguery.

        But what Ron is indicating is also wholly accurate: As Trump caters his campaign to the lowest common denominator, his supporters are far, far more susceptible to his inflammatory rhetoric. Its what happens when you polarize and pander to such an extreme. You widdle down your support to a very homogenous group of people who all share obvious characteristics and passionately support the kind of dangerous rhetoric that you peddle (i.e. Nazism).

        Comparing Hillary to Trump would be like comparing an unripe mango to a poisoned carrot; the mango may not taste that great, but theres no equating the consequences of consuming poison.

  3. Tim Sullivan says:

    I don’t see the KKK or David Duke on that list.

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