08.17.2016 06:51 AM

The Stones, Toronto, Mounties, white powder and that fan

Ever curious about what Warren does late at night, when he can’t sleep? Well, he leaves his genius supermodel wife to the heart-shaped water bed, slips out, fires up some Google in the North Wing, sips at some port, and asks himself stuff like: “I wonder what Anita Pallenberg is up to these days?”

So, here, an absolutely classic yarn by the late Chet Flippo about that time the Strolling Bones came to Toronto and genially upended Canadian politics. I was a skinny, pale teenage punk rocker in Calgary when I first read this epic, and I loathed everyone in Flippo’s story, for their corporate cock rock excess and solipsism. But I simply loved Flippo’s writing. 

Oh, Anita is still alive. Go figure. 


  1. Ron says:

    The Stones are still alive too. And reproducing !

    Maybe it’s the full blood transfusions. Nothing like an oil change to keep one going.

  2. Kevin says:

    Can’t ever hear about this without thinking of the Aislin cartoon on the subject. Scene: Joe Clark and Maureen McTeer at breakfast, Maureen reading the morning paper with a headline about Margaret and the Stones. Maureen says “I wonder how the press would react if I suddenly dashed off to Regina with Tommy Hunter”.

  3. bluegreenblogger says:

    I read the whole nine yards (literally) yesterday afternoon, when I was supposed to be gardening. It was so much fun, there is an added personal meaning for moi. I went to high school in rural Quebec, and I remember there was a blind boy who got to attend that charity Stones Concert for the Blind the judge ultimately imposed on Keith. I felt so much joy for that boy, who went from invisible to the most storied and popular kid in school. It literally transformed his life. I remember the few public interviews at the time too. Keith Richards was a real ‘stand-up guy’ about it all. There were no sour grapes, the Stones gave their best efforts once the die was cast. That is what I think about when I recall those events, plus the Maggie storm of course.

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