08.17.2016 06:39 AM

Trump’s campaign is falling apart 

Evidence here.

Reason why, here. You’re welcome, world. 


  1. Bernie Orbust says:

    The establishment media is trying to manufacture the story that the Trump campaign is falling apart. If this was Nov 17, they’d have the election in the bag. But it seems to me they’re blowing all their ammo a bit prematurely.

    There’s one bill floating around that has a column of Hillary pictures on the one side and Trump on the other. It goes like this: Hillary has taken $100M in bribes; Trump: says mean things. Hillary is a war hawk; Trump: says mean things. Hillary lied to the FBI; Trump: says mean things. Etc. So although the media can drum up an enduring frenzy among PC true believers, a majority of Americans could easily come to think they’re crying wolf.

    If people begin groaning when the media sounds off the Trump car alarm, Hillary is in big trouble. The only thing she has going for her is Trump hysteria.

    This is election is very volatile. A big part of the Republican base hates the neocon polices that have defined the Republican party since Reagan. A big part of the Democratic base despises the Clintons’ fake sellout liberalism. It can turn on a dime.

    • Bernie Orbust says:

      Oops, for some strange reason I thought the election was Nov 20. It’s Nov 8. (Note to self: check references before clicking send.)

      Saw a funny thing in the news today: Trump only has 89 days left to turn his campaign around. Harper’s extra long 2015 campaign was 78 days.

  2. Charlie says:

    Trump’s campaign is falling apart because of Donald Trump.

    He’s a fucking moron, making idiotic decisions that only a incompetent buffoon would.

    Why are we at all surprised that his campaign is disintegrating like a piece of toilet paper in rain storm? We all knew from the begining that neither he nor the people he surrounds himself with know how to run a successful campaign. He’s got no ground infrastructure to pull his vote; he’s got an incoherent communications strategy that ends up shooting himself in the foot.

    Hillary keeps talking about his temperament but its much more than that. Someone can have a bad temperament but still be intelligent. What Trump has is a fundamental intellectual disability. He’s cognitively incapable of rational thought and should be barred from running for President on that basis.

    These idiot Trump supporters won’t shut the fuck up about Hillary’s health; its Trump’s mental capacity thats the problem here! I don’t care if Hillary Clinton had an epileptic episode every morning, she’s still more mentally capable than Donald Trump.

    • Warren says:

      Love it. And, boy oh boy, is there ever going to be a naming and shaming of those who predicted Trump would win, notwithstanding all evidence to the contrary.

    • Bernie Orbust says:

      Trump is running an anti-establishment anti-campaign. He’s appealing directly to the people. Write off the old establishment media. Work the grassroots social media. Hillary is running a typical micro-campaign: different messages to target different groups. Trump comes across as authentic. Hillary, not so much.

      That Trump is not presidential in manner only points out how Hillary is not in so many more important ways. President Archie Bunker is a good idea, if and only if, the alternative is someone whose policy positions are determined by donations to the Clinton Foundation.

      I think it’s still possible for Jill Stein to make a breakthrough. She’s the only candidate who’s making any sense. FDR incarnate. If her support hits a critical number, Hillary’s will calve away from the neocon right and bovine center.

      • Charlie says:

        First of all, “the people” are stupid.

        Finding Trump genuine and supporting him is the equivalent to stabbing yourself in the stomach to cure your headache.

        Second of all, I don’t give a shit what Hillary is coming off as. Of the two nominees, she’s not the one who wakes up in the morning to tweet insults at people like a fucking 12 year old school girl and thinks its okay to tell an arena full of supporters to assassinate her political opponent.

        If I’m being asked to chose between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, then Hillary Clinton gets my vote, my money and my volunteer hours because despite her baggage, I don’t have have to worry about her launching a nuclear weapon at a fucking McDonalds because they forget to put ketchup in the bag.

        Third of all, Jill Stein who? Jesus Christ, dude. Wake up. Jill Stein has as much a shot at the WH as Elizabeth May has at being the PM of Canada. I don’t mean to be rude, but judging by the moniker you use to post comments, its obvious that the gravity of the current situation in America has yet to hit you. You need to get over Bernie, then yourself. If you hate Hillary because she lack the progressive bonafides you desire, enough to go and waste a vote for a non-entity, then you’re actively voting in Donald Trump — who is exponentially worse. Your logic is completely riddled with inconsistencies if you think that Hillary’s qualifications for the Presidency are debatable. She’s qualified, even too qualified: hence, the baggage.

        Trump, however, is massively unqualified; unqualified for leadership, for power and to even have his own Twitter account.

        • Bernie Orbust says:

          Trump has the PC pearl clutchers in a tizzy. Or has the establishment spiked the prolefeed? But I find Hillary very dangerous because of her ‘baggage.’

          The Clintons have received well over $100M in bribes. They have sold government to foreign powers. Let corrupt bankers write the banking regulations; the military industrial complex write foreign policy. These lawyer-politicians invented the whole process: take promissory bribes for designer legislation paid post public service in speaking fees, consulting fees and token board positions. (Too bad poor Brian Mulroney didn’t think to give Karlheinz Schreiber a $300k speech for the Airbus Group deal; would’ve saved him the harrowing ordeal of a rigged inquiry.) They got tired of waiting around and invented the Clinton Foundation to hasten the process. Hill set up a private email server to do bribe-related business as SoS so she could destroy evidence (33,000 emails worth; hard drives data-shredded; FBI team of specialists couldn’t recover with electron microscopes.)

          Trump is invested in the world. He understands better than any other players in the game that nuclear war is bad for business. He’s a narcissist, playboy, trust-fund kiddie. He likes the world the way it is: golf courses, fancy hotels, super-model wives, ties made in Mexico. Might be primarily in it to lower his taxes (like Steve Forbes in 1996.) He’s no fanatic like Hitler. He’s not wishfully delusional like establishment looters and their bribe-taking lapdog public servants who have put civilization on the verge of collapse.

          I can see a number of ways Hillary destroys the planet: 1) cold war revival with Russia (a mini arms race good for biz) goes south: WW3, Anthropocene. 2) Kaine dog-whistled banking deregulation (day before being officially named.) Another financial meltdown will be the final straw. Some European nations will reject capitalism for fascism. (Real, actual, bona fide fascist leaders will rise up.) That will trigger WW3 + Anthropocene.

          This is a very unusual election. Might not be one comparable. Hillary doesn’t have the confidence of center-left voters. They turn a blind eye to her corruption because they’re hysterical over Trump mocking a person with disabilities (the abomination that maketh desolate!) (Neocons just as offended by Trump’s anti-globalization talk.) So her support could collapse worse than Iggy’s in 2011. Jill has taken up where Bernie left off. It’s not her message that has people reluctant to vote for her. The more they listen to her, the more they like. This while Hill courts neocons. Anything is possible at this point in time.

          -Bernie Orbust

          • doconnor says:

            Clinton, as someone under the control of the elite, understands that nuclear war is bad for business. Can you provide examples to show that Trump understands the world.

  3. doconnor says:

    I’d go with German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

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