08.03.2016 06:35 PM

We get letters: the Trump Stormtroopers talk back 


  1. e.a.f. says:

    reads like a Trump type. seeing as they don’t think that much of Canada they won’t be wanting any of our natural resources either, i.e. electricity, oil, water.

  2. Tim says:

    The strategy to defeat trump is now clear; bait him with criticisms that he can’t help but respond to and he’ll inevitably destroy himself in the process of doing just that.

  3. Francis says:

    Trumpites prefer to live in a troglodytic existence. Hence their affinity for a man who genuinely doesn’t understand the consequences of using nuclear weapons as an everyday mosquito repellent.

  4. Aongasha says:

    Sorry WK this is one parade you are not leading as the dearth of comments would indicate. Few are Trump supporters on here, but i suspect most do not trust the Clintons either. Thankfully in this country we can say a pox on both their houses.
    And no, despite the cries of despair from the Left, my only worry is that Boy Wonder will wimp out if either speaks loudly to him – other than that I’m good.
    Now could we get back to this country & Trudeau’s lies to the G& M on the Tootoo situation, the F35s etc. Both of which he has been caught out on this week. Time to get serious about Canadian politics

  5. Patrick says:

    Patrick Patrick Patrick! We don’t care what Warren thinks. He has just provided a platform for us to say what we think. That we occasionally agree with with him is an incidental happenstance akin to leaf Stanley cups: has happened, will happen again, bit don’t hold your breath. Dont you know nothing about the internet?

  6. Ronald O'Dowd says:


    In this country we have trouble learning the most obvious of lessons: we grossly underestimated Harper’s abilities (myself included) and now we are still doing the same with Trudeau.

    Here’s a hint. It will end up the same where Justin is concerned.

  7. Paul says:

    CNN published the big mistake as criticizing mothers. http://cnn.it/2aPmulh. They missed that Trump claims a devalued currency hurts USA. Actually it helps as imports are relatively more expensive and exports are relatively cheaper as any Canadian knows. Maybe it rips Trump empire to shreds because his goods cost more.

    Economics 101 should be a requirement for all politicians North and South.

    • Michael Bluth says:

      A quick search on this Partick fellow shows him to be a chap from some Central European country whose first language is certainly not English. Very Trumpian that an tweet about you must receive some sort of response.

      Econ 101? The theory of currency valuation and relative worth of products of manufacture are rightly fourth year seminar topics. Andrew Coyne puts forth a valid argument ahainst currency valuation because it is just selling your stuff cheaper. His argument is much more nuanced, definitely above the level of Econ 101 students.

  8. Vancouverois says:

    Instead of “Trump Stormtroopers” it should be “StormTrumpers”, surely?

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