09.29.2016 09:25 AM

Come celebrate sanity!

SFH know he will lose – and we know you will want to celebrate after the US vote! No cover – come party with us and our friends on Thursday, November 10 at Cherry Cola, 200 Bathurst St. (at Queen W.)!

[Placeholder poster until Bjorn releases his anti-Trumpist masterpiece]


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    Greyapple says:

    I wouldn’t rest too easy yet Warren, you may be drowning your sorrows at that party. It’s early, but the polls haven’t moved substantially since the debate. They’re still essentially tied, though she does still have the electoral college edge. If his train wreck of a performance has not substantially moved the voter’s opinion, then what will? I fear he may pull this off yet.

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    dave constable says:

    For my fellow conspiracy paranoids, on a number of right wing sites you can read how they view the debate between the Big Two. REDSTATEWATCHER, SNOPES, THEPOLITCALINSIDER, THEGATEWAYPUNDIT, are all rerunning videos of the debate to suggest collusion between the moderator and the Clinton campaign.
    Basically, they go after the unequal number of questions to each candidate, the moderator supplemental questions to one candidate but not the other, and, more recently, the supposed ‘poker player’ signals to the moderator.
    Rasmussan had a poll on whether or not the debate moderators would help Clinton. I was a tad surprised by the results, but if people look at almost anything with expectations of what they will see, they are more likely to see it.

    I was directed to this stuff by acquaintance in the states who are Trump supporters, and it tells me that for many of Trump’s supporters, they are sticking to their ‘the-system-is-rigged’ interpretation of what is happening.

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      Eric Weiss says:

      if they’re guy won, they wouldn’t need to make up excuses for why he didn’t.

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    Ron says:

    He hates just about everything
    He hates mom’s apple pie
    He hates tax returns
    He hates Benylin

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    Wolfer says:


    The Holocaust Museum Should Update Their Poem http://www.hockey-sweater.com/2016/09/the-holocaust-museum-should-update.html

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