09.26.2016 09:42 PM

Debate night: and the winner is…


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    PJH says:

    Did Hillary spend the last few days at Lourdes?……
    Compared to the last few weeks she sounded and looked great…..and scored her best points on his taxes, imho……
    Overall, a nod to Hillary…..

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    Charlie says:

    She blew it out of the water by letting Trump repeatedly kick the shit out of himself.

    I don’t know how anyone could see it any other way: Trump lost by defeating himself and made the whole debate about defending his idiocy. He displayed his worst characteristics.

    Clinton was as expected; but in my opinion, displayed exactly the intellectual prowess she’s known for. I don’t think it moved that many votes, but its definitely planted seeds of doubt amongst those undecideds.

    The bottom line, this debate had three themes:

    1) Trump willingly and happily dodged taxes (possibly for 15 years).
    2) Trump is unapologetically dishonest.
    3) Trump plugged the Clinton website waaaaaaay too many times.

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    Ronald O'Dowd says:


    Definitely a have sex night for Democrats.

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    MississaugaPeter says:

    Trump blew it because he did not prepare.

    His mannerisms were amateurish. He did not look professional, presidential.

    His arrogance had him think that he could do it without preparation. Total arrogance. I expected his campaign team to prepare him. Nope.

    He lost 5% today. If he does not prepare for the next 2 debates or Hillary landslide.

    Only Wikileaks can save Trump now. But that may not be even enough. Your gal came through today, WK, congratulations.

    Now if that 5% could go to Johnson so I had someone to cheer for.

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      MississaugaPeter says:

      It is crazy what motivated supporters can do. I guess the Democrats were having sex (as Ronald suggests) instead of on the Internet doing polls.


      You have to hand it to Trump. Blows it. Gets positive results to repeat over and over again until the next debate.

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        Vancouverois says:

        Oh, come on. InfoWars is a well-known alt-right web site; hardly the source to draw on for an unbiased appraisal.

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          MississaugaPeter says:

          Never implied that one should get their info from Infowars. All I am referencing is an aggregator with pro-Trump post-debate results. If you reread, you will realize that I am suggesting the Internet poll results are mostly bullshit but they do reveal Trump supporters are probably either/both 1) more fanatical and 2) better organized.

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    Maps Onburt says:

    Trump won it in a landslide FOR HILLARY. I always knew he was a turkey but holy shit batman he is also a fucking moron. ALL he had to do was show off a little bit of that Presidential flair he showed in Mexico but from the first second, he just couldn’t help himself. He kept opening his Yap and talking in non-sequiturs. I have been a republican at heart since Reagan but I wouldn’t buy a used car from this guy. I’m SO glad I’m not an American because I couldn’t bring myself to vote for either of them. I have to hand it to her though, she was thinking in her feet and she knew when to shut up and let him dig himself deeper. I don’t think she won many people over but I think his vote is going to collapse. My two youngest teenagers are better behaved than these two 70 year old liars and cheats. Trump is still a Turkey but Hillary may no longer be toast. I’m going to have to look at he VP candidates more closely and then start praying for a couple of heart attacks. How the hell does the most powerful country in the world with over 300M people come up with these two losers as the best choices????

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    Ridiculosity says:

    Clinton. Bases loaded. Bottom of the ninth. Home run.

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      Dan Calda says:

      Error @ home base by Trump.

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    P. Brenn says:

    hi ..that wasnt real Trump was body double…can tell by eyes. .. skin not orange enough….feet pointing in wrong directions….there is conspiracy here….
    Trump was locked in bathroom..

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    bobfrombob says:

    I can’t imagine any objective viewer thinking Trump won. He did alright for the first half hour or so but I can’t imagine very many objective viewers even thinking it was a tie. Any other year, that’s a clear loss. But he said the same batshit crazy stuff he’s been saying for the past year. Trump Nation will continue to support him. She (or he) may have swung a few undecideds to the Dems. The most encouraging thing is that she did really well at the end. Perhaps she’s found the perfect approach to get under his orange skin. They do that twice more and it’s quite possible he will have a meltdown.

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    Greyapple says:

    By any rational standard Clinton won this by a wide margin, but I don’t know if rational standards still apply. She was in command of her message and well spoken, but if she had a weakness it was that she came across as a typical politician and a bit wonkish, and a touch smug. Given the ghoulish alternative I’d take a typical smug, wonkish pol in a heartbeat, but many Americans seem to be in an anti-establishment mood.

    Trump was on his best banging on anti-establishment, pro-American jobs, and criticizing foreign policy blunders (not saying he was correct, but he was in command of his rhetoric), but apart from that he was a complete mess. If it weren’t obvious before, his performance tonight shows that the man is a thin-skinned, undisciplined, ignoramus who has no business being in politics, let alone in the White House. Will it matter? Who knows. Trump’s message is simple and may appeal to some voters, unlike Clinton’s detailed lectures. Plus, he’s been behaving this way for months, with no detriment to his campaign, why would it hurt him now?

    If these were normal times I’d be confident that Clinton scored a great victory, but these are not normal times. The polls over the next few days will be interesting to see.

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    Eric Weiss says:

    Clinton looked stiff. Trump looked arrogant and rambled on endlessly. Clinton handled the email question well. Trump looked like a smug prick when asked about his tax returns. Overall impression Clinton performed better if you care about facts. Trump performed better if you’re angry as hell and not gonna take it any more. Clinton was unflappable. Trump let his temper get away a couple of times. It won’t move the polls in any significant way.

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    bluegreenblogger says:

    Well it wasn’t really a debate was it? I thought it went well for Hillary, and quite badly for Trump. But I am not voting am I, so my opinion is not valuable. Hillary struck a good balance. What was especially gratifying was how she did not try to interrupt Trump when he started down dead ends. He was left floundering a few times having nothing more to add to his bombast, but then filling the empty with more noise. He is a rambling speaker, and she allowed him to ramble off into the odd corners and dead ends. Frankly, she made him look foolish. But he was in good form at the beginning, until she got him off script. Trump cannot hold up his end for 90 minutes, and that, I think, is a fact.

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