09.11.2016 05:23 PM

Hillary’s health: a campaign secret, revealed 

When every politico heard today’s diagnosis, they all nodded and went: “Oh yeah. Been there. Got that.”

It comes from working your ass off, day after day. Starts with a cold (pressing the flesh, being in confined spaces with many people, etc.), leads to bronchitis (ignored, because everyone else is working so hard, etc.), and culminates in pneumonia. Happens a lot. 

One time, I got it so bad I coughed hard enough to crack a rib – and I ruptured the conjunctiva in one of my eyes. That was a treat. 

She needs to cool it, for sure. Campaign-induced pneumonia is not to be taken lightly. But one thing is for sure: today’s news tells everyone who is the hard worker – and who is the sausage-fingered, sphincter-mouthed combover whose idea of “hard work” is ordering around the Mexican labourers he says he will deport. 


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    Eric Weiss says:

    You mean refuse to pay THEN deport.

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    PJH says:

    I have no doubt the poor woman has pneumonia……a grueling schedule would tax anyone half her age, and as you so aptly described, lead to pneumonia….what I wonder is….why would her campaign team sit on it so long, allowing her opposition and the media begin to question her overall state of health? Would it not have been better to be up front when the hacking cough and fatigue became an issue?….

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    Lance says:

    JUST pneumonia – now? After a year of speculation about her health?

    I’m not buying it.

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    Michael Bluth says:

    That’s a very optimistic spin on the situation. For the first three hours after the event Hillary was just “a little overheated” according to her campaign.

    Eventually her MD fessed up to it being pneumonia.

    It will be fascinating to see if any but the solidly committed Hillary supporters buy the “harder worker” angle. Good on you for trying though.

    Seems like this story will have legs. Just maybe the October surprise will be a timely release of Hillary’s medical records?

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    mow mow says:


    This woman is sick and the fact she didn’t tell us before means this is still not the whole story…

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    Greyapple says:

    Good spin Warren, but I doubt it will work. This is a self inflicted wound that will only give her enemies ammunition. For weeks Trump and his merry band of alt-right morons have been spreading rumors and stoking fears about her health. Until now, it was only the online ravings of partisan zealots and the paranoid, racist flocks of Alex Jones and Breitbart. Now, thanks to Clinton and her campaign its a genuine campaign issue, and her enemies will exploit it for all its worth.

    The Clinton campaign should have announced her diagnosis after they received it and cut back her weekend campaigning to allow her to recuperate and attend the 9-11 event without incident. Sure, the same fools I mentioned above would have pounced on it, but most journalists and voters would have given her a break, for the reasons you discussed. Now, thanks to her secrecy, questions about her health have been given new life.

    For the record, I don’t doubt she is perfectly healthy, and more than physically capable of being President, but can we now trust the Clinton camp on this issue? Well no, they dismissed previous questions about her health and kept this under wraps; so there’s a clear lack of transparency. Question marks will be hovering over it for the duration of the campaign. Fair, not really, but when is politics ever fair? Rational, nope, but if this were a rational world Trump would not be within striking distance of the White House. There’s little to no silver lining that I can see here, I only hope the damage isn’t too extensive.

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      MississaugaPeter says:

      “The Clinton campaign should have announced her diagnosis after they received it”, bowel movements next?

      As someone who gave blood very frequently in my early 20’s, and who stopped and has not done so more than a few times since, I empathize with Clinton. The reason I stopped giving blood is because of my propensity to overdo it – mostly after a series of all-nighters working (not drinking). Thus, catching bronchitis and having to rely on my reliable penicillin (Amoxicillin) at least once every 18 months for the past couple of decades. You should not give blood if you have taken antibiotics recently!

      Anyways, when I saw the news on the Wikipedia Twitter feed, I have to be honest, MY HEART JUMPED! My hope was that the hope that I have expressed on this fine website a few times, that HRC would not be the Democratic standard bearer in November, may have actually become realized. Anyone but HRC would annihilate that Trump ignoramus. Nope, just have to go back to hoping for Johnson to get to 15% and getting into the debates.

      NOT A FUN FACT: Pneumonia was the No. 1 cause of death most of human history (including up to the early 1900’s).

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        james elder says:

        agreed. we talk of pneumonia as if it was the sniffles. it isn’t. far from it. to expect this woman to go through another two months of this is ridiculous. of course the hoople heads at fox are being resuscitated by this but I don’t think she should just soldier on this never ending death march. Real strength would be getting better and coming back not pushing until the inevitable public collapse.

        Pneumonia affects approximately 450 million people globally (7% of the population) and results in about 4 million deaths per year.[12][13] Pneumonia was regarded by William Osler in the 19th century as “the captain of the men of death”.[14] With the introduction of antibiotics and vaccines in the 20th century survival improved.[12] Nevertheless, in developing countries, and among the very old, the very young, and the chronically ill, pneumonia remains a leading cause of death.[12][15] Pneumonia often shortens suffering among those already close to death and has thus been called “the old man’s friend”

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        Greyapple says:

        A presidential candidate having pneumonia is a bit more of public concern than when she goes No. 2, wouldn’t you say. In any event the real issue here is her obsession with secrecy, and how it’s come back to hurt her on more than one occasion.

        David Axelrod sumed it up nicely.


        The stakes are too high for her to be making errors like this with only a few weeks left. She still had the edge, but I don’t doubt for a minute that Trump could win this thing.

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          Greyapple says:

          Opps…”has,” she still “has the edge.” Well there’s a Freudian slip exposing my anxieties!

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      james elder says:

      no-one is healthy at 69. As far as nature is concerned our best buy date is 35 give or take. We’re here because of modern medicine but for how much longer who knows. Resources are not unlimited.

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    godot10 says:

    #TheNextFourYears will be one long #WeekendAtHillarys! -).

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    Charlie says:

    Clinton’s got pneumonia, Donald’s got stupid — you can’t cure stupid.

    She could be in a wheelchair for the remainder of the campaign and would still be more mentally qualified for the presidency than Donald “Date My Own Daughter” Trump.

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    Ronald O'Dowd says:


    This has been a tough one for me. I’ve been concerned watching those videos and agenda doctors speculating about different types of Dementia and Parkinson’s.

    But I won’t post a piece on it because a) none of these physicians are neurologists and b) the leaking of faked medical records has destroyed the credibility of doctors willing to speculate on the health of a person they have never examined. In the final analysis, it’s nothing more than unethical.

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    dave constable says:

    There was news clip on tv from a little while after her episode. It showed her on the street, smiling, waving at someone not in the picture. I had pneumonia a couple of times when I was much younger. I don’t think I ever could have recovered from a down turn and come out smiling and waving. I guess there are different types of pneumonia.
    Pretty good recovery for a person nearing 70!

    How’s Bernie feeling these days?

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    G. McRae says:

    Regardless of it being pneumonia or something else, she needs to get healthy before the TV debates or she will end up being Nixon to Trump’s Kennedy.

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    Jay Currie says:

    Keep hope alive Warren.

    But seriously, get down there. Now, more than ever, she needs you.

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    Kevin says:


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    Cory says:

    Might be nothing but the fact that just days ago she said she was fine makes it seem fishy.

    Might make some think that those “crazy” rumours might have had some truth to them. Might make them think that maybe other rumours might also have some truth to them.

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    BillBC says:

    I’ve thought all along that both Hillary and Donald are too old to be President. They are both turning 70, and that’s simply too old for such a demanding, stressful job. (Yes, Reagan was too old as well–remember, he was failing badly with Alzheimer’s by the end of his term). This isn’t ageism, just common sense. You can go on longer at some jobs than others, but some jobs require you to be in the prime of life, and this is one of them. I speak as a septuagenarian myself…

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    Maps Onburt says:

    Oh come on…. I can’t stand Trump as much as the next guy but even you Warren have to see that she’s full of shit with this Pneumonia thing. She’s a pathological liar… something else is going on here. I’ve been there and this isn’t something you shrug off after 24 hours. It knocks you on your ass for weeks at best – in my case almost a month. And that’s with IV injected antibiotics. Yes, I know what a grueling schedule campaigning (but not giving interviews or press conferences) does but she’s going into the toughest, most grueling job there is… look at how much all of the President’s aged in office. If she can’t hack it on the campaign trail, she’s not going to last four years in the Oval Office. Trump is up three even before this happened. Next week’s polls should be interesting… this is going to be Reagan and Carter all over again (Gallup had Carter ahead by 4 in Sept and look how that turned out for him). In that election all the prog’s and the MSM were all against Reagan for being a lightweight, being too extreme and he even had a fellow republican (John Anderson) campaign as an independent against him. American’s overwhelmingly rejected that and made Reagan one of the most popular presidents of all time. The more shrill you progressives get, the more likely you are to lose. Trump has finally STFU and started to listen to his new campaign chairs and if he can keep from tying his shoelaces together, he’s very likely to have a shot at it. It’ll be nobody’s fault but Hillary’s if that happens. I’d have thought a postage stamp could win over Trump.

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    Lance says:

    If she is on antibiotics for pneumonia, that means it is bacterial and thus infectious. So why is she hugging a little girl to show she is fine when she is clearly not?


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    Gilbert says:

    I simply don’t believe that Hillary just has a mild case of pneumonia. She has a number of health problems, and she probably wore sunglasses on September 11th to hide how bad she looked. She has a doctor who follows her constantly. In my opinion, she should not be running for the presidency.

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