09.18.2016 03:44 PM

If you don’t despise Trump enough

Watch this. 


  1. MississaugaPeter says:

    Aiming at Republican supporters who have decided to go to Trump.

    May or may not work.

    Can’t tell anymore.

    The U.S. is so saturated with negativity hard to tell what works now.

    All Trump has to do is have the mother of one of the folks who died in Benghazi blast Hillary.


    Trumps idiotic comment vs. Hillary being blamed for the death of an American.

    Can’t tell if that would work either.

    • bluegreenblogger says:

      seems more like aimed at Republicans who vote often. Old white guys who probably served in one war or another. They have all voted for McCain before, and probably liked the guy when they did it. The Democrats do not want them showing up on EDay to vote for a Republican Senate, or Congress.

  2. BillBC says:

    Trump is awful. Just awful. This makes him look bad. However, is there anything around that makes Hillary look good? Or is just enough that she’s way less awful than he is?

    • !o! says:

      People have reservations about both candidates.
      In order to make Hillary look good, you need to both counteract the predispositions for people to dislike her AND replace them with new ones, AND THEN you need to reinforce those. Three things.

      In order to make Trump look bad, you need to remind people of why they dislike him. Just reinforcement. One thing.

      In an election where both candidates are disliked, you make your opponent the focus. Hillary isn’t ideal, but Trump is absolutely just awful and can’t be elected.

  3. james elder says:

    sorry to tell you but she’s gonna lose. a few reasons why.

    Hillary is losing the news war. She’s playing not to lose. If you don’t go for it, you usually don’t succeed. Utilizing old saws like the ground game as if it wasn’t 2016 and the entire nation is driven by what’s online.

    But everyone inside the Beltway believes it’s the same as it ever was. They believe the public will do the right thing, that they can shame people into behaving. To write again and again what a nitwit Trump is in the press is missing the point. People believe in celebrities blindly, they get caught up in the mania, just try tweeting something negative about Taylor Swift or Beyonce, you’ll be subjected to enough hatred to delete your account.

    That’s the game Donald Trump is playing.

    The celebrities own this paradigm. When caught acting badly they cry, apologize, go to rehab and emerge refreshed. Whereas politicians believe they’ve got to stay the course, they can’t show weakness, they must be wary of gotcha moments. But in a world where your complete life is online your only choice is to own the gotchas.

    Of course Trump lies. Of course he’s uninformed on how to run the country. But if you want to beat him, you must play his game, not yours. After all, he beat all challengers in the primaries. Because the Donald is tapped into the American zeitgeist, where it’s every man for himself and we laud those at the top of the totem pole, irrelevant of how they got there.

    Sure, it would be great if we could appeal to voters by promising our best efforts to lift them up.

    But if that was a TV show it’d get canceled.

    No, you’ve got to have drama. You’ve got to have story. You have to constantly release new episodes.

    Nobody believes anything anymore. The press has been complicit in spreading falsehoods and too many outlets have agendas. You create your own image. And it must appear authentic to enough people for you to reach your goal. When Hillary Clinton’s credibility is questioned by her own followers, you know she’s in trouble.

  4. Christian says:

    Trying to shame people into voting against someone (or something) while not giving a compelling reason to vote for an alternative doesn’t work. Rob Ford, Brexit and Justin Trudeau (the only positive result on the list) show just how flawed a strategy it is. I know Trump is a distended, puss-filled, hemorroid covered asshole. If I had a vote I would vote for HRC. But its not me they need to reach. Its the mis-informed and angry folks in places like Cocoa Beach Florida (I was there in August), where all the signs and bumper stickers I saw were for Trump.

  5. Eric Weiss says:

    Fine. Trump is a disgusting human being. But an electorate that pretty much despises both candidates needs a better reason than that to vote Clinton.

  6. Maps Onburt says:

    What’s going to do more damage, a Commander-in-Chief who:
    1) early on his campaign allowed himself to be baited into stating that it was dumb to be caught as a POW or
    2) willfully turned back a rescue mission for her own people to protect her political reputation

    Trump is a turkey bit Hillary is toast.

    • Michael Bluth says:

      Hillary is toast indeed. It’s amazing how much has changed in the last month.

      The terror attacks yesterday and this morning, sadly, play into Trump’s hands.

      When Trump spoke shortly after the attacks he linked them to terror. Hillary took a more measured approach. CNN jumped on Trump as evidence he wasn’t being reasonable enough. Now that has all gone out the window. These events help Trump.

  7. Shawn says:

    Progressives getting all teary eyed and developing a soft spot for old white men Warren? I doubt it. This old white man is the demographic that you guys on the left love to hate. I doubt any other ethnic front group like LA Raza, Black lives Matter or radical lefty’s that Hillary won’t put in her basket of deplorables will cast a vote for her party will shed any crocodile tears for this dying bed ridden old white guy.

    I can’t help but detect a sinister massage the establishment Democrats are trying to convey to old white men across America that is, The advanced society, culture and sacrifice’s your kind have made have all been in vain, you are slowing down progress so please just die.

  8. Lance says:

    It’ll all come down to enthusiasm. Who will be the more enthusiastic voters and who is more likely to stay home? Which candidates supporters are more enthusiastic about their candidate? Take a look around……you can see the bleeding on a daily basis, getting worse everyday. Recent developments are accelerating the bleeding.

    Trump is going to win. It might even be a landslide.

    • MississaugaPeter says:

      I am hoping for Johnson but there is no way any sane person would be calling this race when there are another 7 weeks to go. To be claiming a landslide is lunacy. I hope you are not putting any money down on such a foolish prediction.

  9. Tiger says:

    Doubt it’ll work, but it’s worth a shot.

    She’s got my vote, anyway.

  10. godot10 says:

    Why John McCain may actually not be a war hero (and he and many other Washington elites guilty of high crimes).

    Sydney Schanberg has been a journalist for nearly 50 years. The 1984 movie “The Killing Fields,” which won several Academy Awards, was based on his book The Death and Life of Dith Pran. In 1975, Schanberg was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for international reporting “at great risk.” He is also the recipient of two George Polk awards, two Overseas Press Club awards, and the Sigma Delta Chi prize for distinguished journalism. His latest book is Beyond the Killing Fields(www.beyondthekillingfields.com). This piece is reprinted with permission from The Nation Institute.

    McCain and the POW Cover-Up, by Sydney Schanberg


    • dave constable says:

      Yeah, I figured using the McCain pow/war hero story might be risky, in that it would bring out all kinds of people who have slightly different versions of McCain’s story. Using this for political gain will certainly excite those who have doubts about McCain and his military legend.
      I wonder if McCain okayed the sue of his story in this ad.

  11. bluegreenblogger says:

    I must say I have been sanguine for a few months now, but this is the ad that shook my confidence. Reason being, it may be effective in suppressing a fair number of votes, but Hillary has not given a single reason to vote for her except that she is not Trump. She does not even contrast herself to him. I have not paid a lot of attention, I figure I will learn more about the campaign by just receiving their messages as and when they deliver them. I have not heard any message from Hillary. She just does NOT stop talking about Trump, and her delivery is staid and dry. Trump talks about Trump too. This is like a repeat of 2008. She was ultra-lame then as well. It would be hard for her to lose, but she is going to try anyway. I am not so sure she will make a good President after all. She is a lousy communicator. It may be true that the best thing about Hillary is that she ain’t Donald.

  12. Derek Pearce says:

    Well we’ll see if I’ve misplaced it, but at the moment I still have enough faith in enough Americans to not elect this dangerous imbecile as President. Who cares if Hilary is unliked by those voting for her, as long she wins.

  13. monkey says:

    Donald Trump is a narcissists who only cares about himself and will insult anyone who gets in his way so no surprise. One could probably write a whole book about the all the stupid things Trump has said and all the people he has insulted.

  14. PJH says:

    Just finished watching Hillary’s speech to Temple University students today on Youtube…….It’s obvious the rest and antibiotics have worked……rumours of her demise were greatly exaggerated it would seem……she seemed in fine fettle……If her health problems are behind her(and they appear to be) if I were Donald Trump I would be worried about the upcoming debates……she can think rings round the Donald…..and if anyone remembers the Turner/Mulroney debate of yore…..a single phrase/mistep can turn an election around…….

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