09.28.2016 03:08 PM

Read this review and see if you can get through even a few sentences without thinking about someone else

Over and over and over. 

It will leave you feeling uncomfortable. It did me. 



  1. doconnor says:

    Imagine someone like Trump with a slightly better ability to tailor his message to different audiences.

  2. patrick says:

    Nah, it actually has me relieved. Trump does not want to be president, it’s too much stress and work and leaves him exposed to criticism that his wafer thin skin can’t handle. Michael Moore’s column on his website explains how this is as much of a surprise to Trump as it is to everyone else.
    As much as Trump has appealed to the lowest common denominators, he’s done this without a real personal political or social agenda – other than the presidential run being a publicity platform for the Trump brand. True demagogues have a messianic belief not just in themselves but in their view of the world. Trump has displayed little other than talking points that I increasingly think he said more for attention than out of any intrinsic belief and an inability to express his sound bites coherently.
    If Trump were to win, if there really is that deep a well of resentment in America (possible) that will put Trump in the white house no matter what, then Trump will behave as he has for the last few decades, as the front for the Trump brand, while letting everyone else do the work.
    Meaning this will make the his VP the busiest VP in history.
    The Presidency will become like the Ford years as mayor of Toronto, unfocused, paranoid, petty and dysfunctional.
    The most dangerous element of Trump’s character is his need for approval, which is displayed by his hyper sensitivity to criticism and from whom will he get that “approval” once he’s sitting at the White House desk. The backroom players will become much more powerful with Trump floundering in unknown political, social and economic waters.
    Still, I think he doesn’t really want the job and will keep pushing the envelope of outrageousness until the polls finally point to a Hillary win.

    • Ron says:

      In 5 minutes he would wonder what in hell he has gotten himself in to.

      In 100 days (or less) he would be impeached.

      Then it’s on to outdoing Glen Beck and Alex Jones on the Drumpf Network.

      The possibilities are endless, and none of them are good.

  3. PJH says:

    By all accounts, Hitler was a mesmerizing speaker who could control masses with his oratorical powers and his gesticulations(well practiced too, I understand)
    He also had a devoted party apparatus behind him that worked with typical German efficiency…..
    Trump in comparison seems rather pedestrian, and whose party support I would say is lukewarm at best…….
    Trump is many things, but a comparison to Hitler seems a stretch…….

  4. Ridiculosity says:

    Small men. Small intellects. Over-inflated egos. Bad hair.

    Move on, nothing to see here.

  5. Wes says:

    Your right, that DOES sound a lot like Justin Trudeau.

  6. Jon says:

    Given this context from Vanity Fair in 1990, it is plausible, if not likely that Trump has explicitly modeled his rhetoric on Hitler.

    “Ivana Trump told her lawyer Michael Kennedy that from time to time her husband reads a book of Hitler’s collected speeches, My New Order, which he keeps in a cabinet by his bed.”


    • dave constable says:

      Hah! Another old memory: Mid 1950’s I was a young teen keenly interested int he big war my father and uncles and so on had taken part in. So when my parents bought a multi volume copy of Winston Churchill’s history of the 2nd World War. I gobbled it up. Churchill used a lot of quotes, especially his words, and Hitler’s words. After a couple of volumes, the speeches of the two read a lot the same to me.

  7. Peter says:

    I wonder whether the fact that Warren couldn’t get through the article without thinking of Trump is related in any way to the fact that for months he now hasn’t lived one waking minute not thinking of him?

  8. Darren Hillaby says:

    I seem to recall similar hysterics when Harper won or was winning.

  9. Darren Hillaby says:

    Make no mistake, I do not want Trump to win. However the cause is better served by laying out to his soft supporters why Hillary is better for them in regards to the economy and jobs.

  10. Quito Maggi says:

    According to Godwin’s Law, you lose

    • Warren says:

      I find it fascinating that some critics here (not you, QM), have decried the comparison of Adolf Hitler to Donald Trump.

      When Trump hasn’t been referred to, once.

      They doth protest, etc.

  11. Steve T says:

    Unlike some of the commenters above, I do agree that Trump has a number of frightening similarities to Hitler. Not that I think Trump could enact holocaust-level damage, but he is still one of the most frightening leadership candidates in my lifetime.

    Here’s the problem, though. For decades, the left and centre-left have gone into hystrionics about every small-c conservative leader. Ronald Reagan was Hitler! Margaret Thatcher was Genghis Khan! George W Bush was the anti-Christ! And on and on it went. Suddenly, those leaders don’t seem so bad, do they? However, the left has now created numbness to these sorts of accusations. Everyone just sees it as partisan rhetoric and ignores it.

    Cry wolf too many times, and you know what happens when the real wolf finally shows up…

  12. Kelly says:

    This came out in English back in March, and that’s when papers like the Guardian reviewed it. Why is the NYT reviewing it now?

  13. Bill Templeman says:

    yes, some parallels, but some gaps. Hitler had a bit of military cred. He fought in WWI and was wounded. Trump has never served, and managed to alienate a lot of veterans with his stand on POW’s like McCain. Hitler had a few brilliant communicators-strategists on his team. Trump? His War Room seems a tad light, no?

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