09.26.2016 08:21 PM

What the debate split screen looks like to many of us 


  1. Derek Pearce says:

    I’m ready to read a heaping pile of analysis when this is over, but I can’t watch the debate itself. I fear I will throw something at the TV and can’t afford a new one.

  2. Lukelele says:

    OMG, Donald Trump is garbage. However, I don’t know that Hillary is making her case to the right people. She is best when she is explaining herself. She is hurting herself with the (understandable) smug look she wears when he is blah blahing, because when she has that look the people on the fence (ie, those fed up with normal politicians and those out of work in manufacturing sector) see it as her being deaf to the concerns he is yammering insanely about.

    I hope very much she destroys him in the election, but I remain worried.

  3. PJH says:

    Trump has been rope a doped………the “sick” Hillary was blown out of proportion by everyone…….I expected her to come out with one eye drooping, voice hoarse, and unsteady on her feet….she looked radiant, stood strong, brought her A game, and kicked butt……Her mastery of the English language, and experience as a lawyer have served her well tonight…..

  4. Dan Calda says:

    Trump kicked her ass.

  5. Michael Bluth says:

    IMO they battled to a draw. Which ends up being interpreted as a Trump win.

    Not one question on the Clinton Foundation or private email server, but Lester hit Trump on taxes?

    Undecideds will see that and ask hmmm….

    • Maps Onburt says:

      Trump won all right – for Hillary. What a shit show. I was so uncomfortable I was squirming in my seat and had to get up and leave the room a few times so I didn’t scream something my kids would hear from the next town. The questions were slightly unfair but Trump did all the real damage himself. He turned opportunity after opportunity into a chance to rag about himself. What a total fucking idiot. If he came in and acted remotely Presidential and talked about his polices he had it won. Hillary would have looked smarmy and smug but he blew it in his first 30 seconds. That lead of his just turned into a full on rout. It isn’t even going to be close.

      • Michael Bluth says:

        That’s a very generous assessment Maps.

        Clearly you weren’t undecided going in. If even you admit the questions were ‘slightly unfair’ imagine what actual undecideds will think.

        Not asking Hillary questions that have been a major part of the campaign only feed conservative arguments of media bias. I guess all the internet shouting at Matt Lauer paid off.

  6. Nasty Bob says:

    I say Sir ! You have insulted the humble Cheesey Combustable with that comparison – we must have it out !
    Joe Louis at 10 paces at dawn !

  7. Kelly says:

    I’m a bit worried. Clinton was on more solid ground in the latter part of the debate. I thought Trump was surprisingly good in the first part. His syntax was better than at his rallies. His message was clear…”incompetent politicians like Clinton wrecked America…Im going to make America great again.” Clinton loved the sound of her own voice. As one pundit put it, she loves letting you know how much she knows…yet she offered nothing, really except for one part where she talked about investments she wanted to make by taxing the people like Trump who make all the money but who pay little in the way of taxes.. It was brave and necessary to say that.

  8. bluegreenblogger says:

    That split screen was pretty good. Just one quick comment on the visual of nodding heads on split screens. Hillary was actually more natural looking than I expected when not speaking. Trump was over-acting though. I recently had occasion to view a number of newsreels of Mussolini delivering speeches. I was struck, repeatedly by Trumps apparent mimicry of Mussolini’s scowls and facial expressions. I think he practices them in the mirror. When he wasn’t speaking, he was doing over-baked facial gymnastics. It may work in passing, but 90 minutes of scowling, the cumulative effect was very off-putting.

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