10.20.2016 08:54 PM

Celebrate the humiliation of Trump!


  1. Bill Templeman says:

    Warren, of course people will celebrate Trump’s defeat. Lots of us (readers of your posts here) have enjoyed ridiculing Trump and mocking him. Me too. I shared the #Trumpbookreview hashtag that went viral on Twitter & Facebook after the last debate. It was hilarious. Good fun. Why not?http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/donald-trump-book-report_us_58085172e4b0b994d4c46953?section

    But let’s put ourselves in his supporters’ shoes for a moment. Who are Trump’s people? They are predominantly rural, down-market, middle aged or older, male, white and with less education than Hillary’s supporters. Channel your own elementary school. When I remember mine, there was small handful of kids who absorbed most of the teasing. The awkward kid, the fat kid, the kid with a disability, the kid with the lisp, the immigrant kid with the heavy accent, the kid with really thick glasses who could throw or catch a football to save his/her life. They grew up to be the lonely kids in high school, the ones who did not play on any teams or go their prom. We laughed at them, if I am honest about what I remember.

    Trump deserves all the ridicule. He is an arrogant piece of work, etcetera. But his supporters? Some of the social rejects in school grew up to be broken, dysfunctional adults. Others rose the challenge and did fine. But others become very angry and bitter adults. It is a short jump from “Trump is an asshole” to “anyone who votes for Trump is an asshole”. When the numbers come in on the evening of Nov. 8, we might wish we hadn’t laughed at his supporters so much, or made that easy jump to ridiculing them. There are 40 million of them, and some may be very angry.

    • Tim White says:

      So correct.

      I am going to go on to say that I think the system has let those people down.

      I remember when Mulroney won the free trade election in 88. Everyone said that all of the factories in the west end of Toronto would close. All the good paying factory jobs would be lost. It was acknowledged by the powers that be that yes perhaps that might occur but all would be well in the end. It did occur. It wasn’t ok. Noone looked out for those people when that happened, Noone has done so ever since anywhere in North America to the best of my knowledge.

      Donald Trump is an asshole, but he has touched a live wire; I see Trump as a conduit. This is far from over.

    • Ron says:

      Angry, yes. And looking for a saviour from all of their problems. Which makes them, as people, very easily led.

      They don’t realize that Drumpf is running for Emperor, not President.

  2. harvey bushell says:

    Here’s the latest Bad Lip Reading Video of the second debate. Too funny!


    I love these!

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