10.19.2016 09:04 PM

I can’t bear this


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    Ronald O'Dowd says:


    Take heart in the fact that Trump disqualified himself tonight when he refused to accept the election result as a matter of course. That is the ultimate in unpresidential.

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      Steve T says:

      Exactly. This will be the key headline tomorrow morning.

      Surely Trump must be deliberately self-sabotaging now. It was such an easy answer: “Yes, I’ll accept the result.” Move on, and try to salvage the debate. But he had to pull this stunt.

      Oh well, it makes me sleep a bit easier knowing that he basically just lost the election (if he hadn’t already).

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        R News says:

        Al Gore refused to accept the outcome and took it to SCOTUS. But that was OK because he was Al Gore, right?

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          Jholst says:

          I’ve been listening to this Al Gore talking point from the right since last night and I’m not surprised at the key distinctions that have been consistently missed:

          1. Gore did not state before the election actually happened that he wouldn’t accept the result, that it was ‘rigged’. It was only after the mess that occurred in Florida that the outcome was in doubt and the 36-day process which followed Election 2000 then occurred (Trump easily could have said yes, I would accept the outcome, provided there isn’t some exceptional circumstance).

          2. Both Bush and Gore disputed elements of the 2000 election outcome and both were involved in court cases (see Bush v. Palm Beach County Canvassing Board, and also see the Brooks Brothers Riot for other actions taken by his campaign). So let’s stop this myth that it was only Gore who disputed that election.

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            Tired of it All says:

            Gore called Bush to concede. When no clear result was forthcoming, Gore recanted his concession and the fun started.

            As a simple matter of fact, that is true – Bush was selected. How anyone feels about the outcome is irrelevant. The legalities had to play out according to the law and to determine all the small details that led to the imbroglio.

            You’ll recall, the final recount was stopped by the SCOTUS on W’s appeal that SCOTUS void the Florida Supreme Court recommendation of a full recount. You’ll also recall the SCOTUS vote was a 5-4 split and Gore accepted the Fla SC recommendation would not be followed.

            In the years that have passed, it was determined that Florida’s voting system was a shambles of different ballot types, some which have inherent cognitive challenges, questionable voter registration and de-registration policies and practices, and, most shocking, depending on which counting methods used, could have yielded a small Bush victory or a small Gore victory.

            The vote, I believe, remains at 538 +/- a few for Bush. It was the narrowest of victories by any standard.

            So, with a country on the line, and the margin literally winner takes all, you call in the lawyers and wait.

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            Richard says:

            You’re ruining their narrative! LOL
            There are two very large distinctions between the two cases–conceding to one’s opponent is not on the same level as accepting the legitimacy of the outcome. Gore recanted his concession because the state law required a recount of all the ballots due to irregularities; it was essential that Florida got it right. Trump is accusing–three weeks before the election–that the process is rigged, and the outcome is predetermined and fraudulent. The people making the false equivalence overlook that entirely and, in my estimation, deliberately. They *know* they’re saying bullshit, but they’re trying to be clever to mask that fact.

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    james elder says:

    wallace aka springer. I can’t bear it either.

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    PJH says:

    No great fan of Hillary………but she mopped the floor with Trump tonight………If she’s in poor health, she showed no sign of it tonight.
    Game, set, and match Madam President……

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    P. Brenn says:

    they are both bad but hrc less so – her ground game will make her potus

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    Charlie says:

    Trump proved himself to be a petty little bitch and a dumb-fuck for the third time on a stage with a women who practically lives under his skin.

    Forget POTUS, this hilariously-horrific clown can’t even call himself a man.

    Here’s to that nasty women moving back into the WH with her bad hombre while Trump fades into the abyss of irrelevance.

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    Ron says:

    In the tradition of Roy Cohn, Trump will declare victory even if his landslide loss
    is worse than Barry Goldwater’s in ’64.

    Another Daisy ad would finish him off. Something about not accepting
    the will of the people.

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      Sean says:

      Or an ad about Trump and Putin with, “I’ve Got No Strings” from Pinocchio playing in the background.

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    Lee Hill says:

    To echo the late great Thin White Duke, to have to debate the fascist called Trump is so degrading.

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    Brammer says:

    Extremely dangerous statements. I seriously hope that he is doing all this as the basis for a new reality series, something like “How I hacked the GOP”

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    Sm says:

    There are lots of issues about HRC that the public didn’t get to hear about, examine in detail, hear her response to. The reason for that is because she is running against a baboon. No chance to say, hey, I don’t think your cozy relationship with bankers is something you should continue. Or hey, remember the super predator? What do you plan to do to rectify that? No chance for ACTUAL debate. The whole thing has been a tragedy really. It started when Reagan invited the extremists into the fold, the evangelicals.

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    Rick Thomson says:

    It has been said before but I will say it again, how in the Hell did a country of roughly 350 million people, pick these two to run for President?

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    Al Zwikker says:

    So now he has issued a caveat. He will only accept the result if he wins.(which he certainly will not)

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      Francis says:

      Not really a caveat, just a more explicit restatement of what he’s been saying all along, which is: “If I win, its fair; If I lose, its rigged”.

      Like you said, he won’t win. So he’s effectively watering the seeds of paranoia and doubt he’s already sown.

      For a guy who cares for nothing but himself, its exactly the kind of self-vindication we should expect from him should he get his ass kicked.

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