11.15.2016 08:37 PM

22 years after the publication of Web of Hate

… we, as a society, are dealing with a significant surge in hate crimes in Canada and the United States. I never thought I would again be interviewed about Web of Hate, but here we are.

So, here’s  a tired me with CBC’s Ian Hanomansingh, discussing an emboldened far Right in Canada. 

(Oh, and I blame Trump. You should too. The statistics of the past week do not lie. 

Link to follow, if I can find it.)


  1. monkey says:

    I don’t think you will ever eradicate racism, but I would like to think it is a very small fringe minority. Unfortunately with Trump legitimizing it, I fear its far more prevalent than many of us thought.

  2. godot10 says:

    The progressive left throughout Europe and North America has made the world safe again for anti-Semitism with their BDS movements on university campuses everywhere. Safe spaces for everyone except Jewish students.

    Students then graduate with massive debt, living in their parents basements, working at the only jobs eight years of Obama has created, waiting tables and/or bartending. Working age employment among working age male Americans in the US (25-55) still have not recovered in the US to pre-recession levels, and it is undoubtedly the same in Europe.

    Universities are now incubating anti-Semitism with the BDS movement, and students are graduating into economies under severe economic distress, where there has been no recovery except for 1%’ers (and the sycophantic courtier class to the 1%).

  3. redraven says:

    When Life imitates Art

    Americans did not elect Donald Trump they elected Negin and the Survivors from the Walking Dead and now Trump has brought out his new Lucille in the form of Steve Bannon. now all the basement dwelling little survivors in their freshly pressed brownshirts feel emboldened to come out from beneath their rocks and strike fear into the hearts of all the others so carefully defined by Trump during the campaign. Now they’re going to strip Alexandria of everything Rick and the gang have ever owned including their guns, their food, their money and their humanity.
    Of course the walking dead is only a TV show and we know Rick and Daryl and the other Alexandrian’s will defeat Negin in the last reel but Trump now has the power of the State and the Public Purse to pursue any public agenda he wants to except no one is coming to rescue the American people from the scourge of Trump.

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