11.13.2016 10:40 AM

Guilty Manhattan liberals self-flagellate: stop the presses. Literally. 

Well, they may feel compelled to g-drop and rationalize bigotry on a massive scale, but I sure don’t. Racism is racism, whether it emanates from a ballot box or the barrel of a gun.


  1. Jose says:

    I see Leon Russell Died Aged 74. RIP

  2. Eric Weiss says:

    It’s way too easy to blame Trumps victory on racism, sexism, Islamophobia etc. Fact is Clinton wasn’t good enough to win. If she was, she would have. Impressive resume? Certainly. But she also reeked of scandal, corruption and status quo. And status quo wasn’t going to work this time around. The Dems, and their fellow travellers in the media and the punantocracy, took Trump lightly. They figured that he was a joke and figured if they just hammered away at that, that would be enough. The ridiculed his supporters, called them racist, sexist, homophobic bigots and “Deplorables”, instead of addressing the fears and issues affecting middle America. How did that work out? The Dems used to be the voice for the white working class. The same working class that supported Obama. Funny how they weren’t racist then.

    I had no idea Trump was going to win, I was as surprised and disappointed as anybody, but I said more than once on this website that taking him too lightly, and alienating a good chunk of the American voter could bite The Dems in the ass. Maybe they need to get out of the Washington/LA/NYC bubble and pay attention. Work harder to offer something to the working class. And for God sakes get over the condescending attitude.

    Did I want Trump to win? Absolutely not. Do I think he actually gives a shit about the working class in the rust belt or mid-west? Not on your life. Is he a racist? Of course he is. But the majority of people that voted for him aren’t. Time for the left to get over it, knuckle down and actually engage the people that they claim to want to help and do better next time. Maybe instead of advertising how awful the other guy is, do a better job at communicating what your going to do for the people you claim to care about.

  3. godot10 says:

    According to Wikileaks, the Clinton campaign and its mainstream media partners, actively promoted Trump’s candidacy because they thought it would help their own campaign….i.e. Pied Piper Strategies.


  4. monkey says:

    Fully agree. I think most who voted for Donald Trump either are racists or more likely blind to the harms it caused. In the Midwest there were many rural counties that had no problem voting for Obama, but then voted for Trump so you cannot say they were racist per se if they were willing to vote for an African-American president, rather Trump’s trade policies (which won’t work as the manufacturing jobs will never come back) caused many to vote for him while turning a blind eye to his racism. As someone who abhors racism, simply not being a bigot is not good enough. You have to clearly not tolerate it and by voting for a bigot even if that was not your reason, you are condoning it which is unacceptable. And the excuse some Trump supporters use that 29% of Latinos and 8% of Blacks voted for him doesn’t cut it either. When you attack a group it is wrong even if some in the group aren’t offended. But at this point as a Canadian and not American, my hope is ensuring Canada remains one of the few bastions in the West where this doesn’t take hold. I am a small c conservative but will actively campaign against the Conservatives if either Leitch or Blaney wins (my top two choices are Michael Chong and Lisa Raitt). In fact I want to ensure those who believe in lower taxes and smaller government but are not bigots still have a party as well as also ensure all Canadians not just old stock white ones who believe in smaller government and lower taxes can vote for it. As such my hope is in Canada none of the major parties ever even nominate bigot, forget about them winning, Donald Trump should have never been the GOP nominee. While I know your more of a Democrat than Republican I think most liberals can at least agree we could probably live with a Kasich or Rubio presidency even if we didn’t agree with them on every issue unlike Trump. Likewise if you look across the Atlantic, I support the mainstream conservative parties be it the British Conservatives under Theresa May, Les Republicains in France, and CDU/CSU under Angela Merkel, not the racist right like Nigel Farage’s UKIP, Marine Le Pen’s National Front, and AfD in Germany. Bigots like Leitch can go form their own alt right party instead of trying to hijack a mainstream one.

    In sum we can only fight racism if we recognize where it exists and stand up to it. No matter how hard it is, there is no justification for it. I think the best way is for people to ask themselves this, if I were one of the one’s being attacked how would I feel. I feel one thing that is lacking in today’s political world is empathy for others in different circumstances.

  5. M. Azir says:

    Pit Bulls

    After the Trump coup coup d’état, I recall something Doug Saunders wrote:

    “The English are more prone than other groups to drop out of school early, to live on welfare benefits, to become unhealthy and to engage in crime. In measures of alcohol abuse, trouble with police while drinking’ and lawbreaking, they outrank any other ethnic group in Britain (except the Irish). [The Irish, evidently, remain the benchmark of degeneracy.]

    Riots led by ethnic English youths tore the cities of England apart in the summer of 2011, while ethnic Turks, Bangladeshis and Africans guarded shops and became heroes for rescuing people from the riots. There is a constant sense that the poor English are about to break out in violence.”

    Irish or English, German or French, Russian or whatever, white people are dangerous: they are the pit bull of the human species. The city of Montreal, Canada recently banned pit bulls. And while it seems unfeasible at present to ban white people from Europe and the Americas (the people of Asia and Africa are doing a pretty good job of it), how might people of color expedite the containment of white people?

    The movie To Sir, with Love offers one method. Skilled professionals of color should dedicate themselves to entering the white ghettos (e.g. Appalachia) and devote themselves to teaching white people basic life skills. It will be tough to be sure. In many cases they will have to start with the three Rs – reading, writing and arithmetic. Life skills like personal hygiene, grooming and dress. Serious attention will have to be paid to breaking vices like chewing tobacco, Mountain Dew, moonshine alcohol, internet pornography and sexual promiscuity – of which white women seem particularly prone.

    Of course, in terms of inbreeding, the only cure for this is either to encourage fertile, white women not to have any offspring or to only have offspring with men of color. White people making more white babies should be vigorously discouraged. Ann Dunham, mother of Barrack Obama, provides a good example of someone who chose a Kenyan and an Indonesian to be the fathers of her children. Women of color should consider that the traditional culture of Africa and Asia is polygamous; allowing your man to take a white woman as wife is both reclaiming lost cultural norms and a way to deal with the problem of white women.

    Realistically, education and breeding will only go so far. To the hardcore white population – the 60 million that voted for Donald Trump – they will have to be shunned and contained. The electoral map of the United States shows a huge, red heartland flanked by blue coasts. Perhaps, like the reserve system for Native Americans, white Americans should be contained in a very defined geographic area. Then, at least, people of color – Africans, Asians, Muslims – all non-whites can have cities and regions free from the constant stress and danger of white people.

    As taught by dog behaviorist Cesar Millan, who focuses on rehabilitating severely aggressive dogs, violent, lower intelligence breeds need containment and tough love. For humanity to progress forward, white people, the pit bull of the human species, need compassion and tough love. (Sadly, some will have to be put down.) It is my hope that people of color will act professionally, compasionately and quickly to contain this growing menace. White people cannot help themselves. It is up to us to help them.

  6. Ronald O'Dowd says:


    On one thing we agree going forward: Trump will likely not get to serve out his full term — and who will be responsible for that? Why, Trump.

    Proof of this became glaringly self-evident when the President-Elect denied in one of the Clinton-Trump debates that he had mocked a journalist with disabilities.

    Same goes with making clearly racist remarks while actually believing that no, you are not a racist. Thoroughly mind-boggling and precedent setting for the future.

    • “Trump will likely not get to serve out his full term”

      Yep. And he wasn’t going to run for president.

      Then he was going to drop out after a couple of weeks.

      Didn’t drop out? Well, he’s not going to win a primary.

      Hmmm, won some primaries. He’s going to hit his ceiling soon.

      Uhm… that ceiling turned out to be pretty high. Surely mainstream Republican candidates will combine their efforts.

      Nope, didn’t happen. And he won the nomination.

      Well, at least we can be certain he will be destroyed in the general election.

      I write this not because I like Trump. I loath him and his sexism, bigotry, xenophobia, and narcissism. I write this to remind you and anyone else who has written off Trump that he has been written off repeatedly already. Everything you wrote, his mockery of the disabled and his racism and more were self evident during the campaign. This is no longer new information. In fact, it has become tragically normative now.

      Let’s stop assuming things that are not necessarily true, like Trump won’t serve a full term due to impeachment or resignation, simply because we want to believe it. People need to actively oppose him not with platitudes, but with real activism and civic engagement.

      If the lessons of this election aren’t learned and learned quickly, we’ll be talking about how at least we KNOW Trump won’t be serving a second term, followed by our knowledge that he WON’T suspend the constitution to serve indefinitely.

  7. redraven says:

    I went to school / got a degree
    now I drive for Uber / in the land of the free

    what I hate most / are celebrities
    laughing at the middle / from their houses by the sea

    when I complained / to the democrats
    they said you should have studied this / instead of that

    If I were rich and famous / like Gretzky’s kid
    I could wear a bikini / flash my lady bits

    but i’m just a guy / down on my knees
    paying off an education / i’ll never need

    someday soon / a feather on the scale
    will tip the mess over / send a few to jail

    and i’ll be here / watchin my speed
    driving for Uber / livin dream

  8. terence quinn says:

    I wonder if the electoral college voters will get some cojones and vote for the candidate who received the most votes overall. There is a rather large petition going around that already has close 3MM signers and growing fast.

    • Why? They didn’t have the cojones in 2000. Why is this different…. besides the obvious?

      In fact, the only two electors who have said they won’t vote for a particular candidate are two from Washington State who said they won’t vote for Ms. Clinton.

      Again, let’s not talk about what we convince ourselves of or consider scenarios that have never happened before. Work to make Democrats the majority in 2018 and defeat Trump in 2020, not with hopes and dreams, but with tangible, practical, results.

  9. billg says:

    Its basically summed up like this.
    The people that voted for Barrack Obama proved to the world that America had grown up and looked past colour.
    The very same people who 8 years ago voted for Obama but now voted for Trump or didn’t bother to show up are now racists and bigots and xenophobes.
    As well, many of the African-American voters didn’t vote, couldn’t be bothered, urged in the last weeks by the President to show up and vote, never did. How come? Very few are believing that maybe, just maybe many African-American’s were not impressed with 8 years of Hope and Change and showed their displeasure by not bothering to vote, or, voted for Trump.
    And lastly, why is the current sitting President not taking some responsibility for this?
    Voters don’t do drastic things at the voting booth if they feel all warm and fuzzy about the past 8 years.
    I’m sure many bigots and racists voted for Trump, probably millions, but they voted for Romney as well.
    I’m not sure where I read this line but, I think it sums it up.
    The Left preaches tolerance and diversity of opinion and then acts surprised when someone has one.

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