11.08.2016 11:38 AM

The Biology of Story: hope, fear and the best political stories

I participated in this documentary quite some time ago, and then (to be honest) sort of forgot about it. I was only reminded of my participation, this morning, when the Biology of Story folks tweeted about it. I then saw these clips for the first time.

They felt, and I think they are probably right, that some of the things I talk about in the clips are relevant to today’s historic events. Check ’em out and tell me what you think.

Bottom line: Hillary’s images were all positive; she was all about hope. Trump’s were all negative; he was all about fear.

Today, he will pay the price for that.


  1. Daryl gordon says:

    Clinton was all about hope. Hope that the fix with Department of Justice would hold, hope that Wikileaks didn’t deliver a fatal blow, hope that Obama and all her new celebrity friends were enough to drag her across the finish line.

    It’s laughable to be in this close a race against an outsider candidate with as much baggage as Trump.

  2. dave constable says:

    Standing in line at the voting site: “Who are you voting against?”

  3. jen says:

    Partly true, but only in a pavlovian sense. Hillary speaks optimistically about the state of America internally and in the world, but comes across as disconnected from the actual reality of workers who don’t live in her circle. The Trump view of the world is far more dystopic and dark. Unfortunately most Americans can see that the US is in decline and its economy is worse than official accounts. This is why they will surprise pundits and turn to him tonight.

  4. Bill Templeman says:

    Very good, Warren. Your face will be in poli sci classes for decades, forever young! Immortality in our time!

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