11.02.2016 10:24 AM

The latest #uspoli polls, fresh, get ’em while they’re hot

From Jeff, natch.

■REU C+6
■SVM C+7
■CNBC C+10
■AP C+14
■PEW C+6
■SU C+9
■DC C+12
■QUI C+7
■BLO C+9
■CBS C+9


  1. Ronald O'Dowd says:


    If the ballot question turns on who you want as president, that doesn’t have me worried. But if turns on the narrower issue of Commander in Chief, vis-a-vis the subtext of sexism and misogyny…

  2. Abby says:

    Prez Obama, Michelle Obama, and Veep Biden are all out on the campaign trail attempting to get out the African-American vote which is sagging for Hillary. They are all playing the race card because the discouraged black voter is not showing up to vote. Obama is telling the black community they must vote for Hillary to save his ‘legacy’, which is an overt appeal to race.

    If Trump is elected president you can be certain he will revive the ‘birther’ issue and will ignore black issues too. The black community loses regardless who they vote for.

  3. James Keelaghan says:

    The Blackbite is not sagging for Hillary. You are seeing the effects of voter suppression. Places in NC for example where there were 16 advance polls last election going down to 1 this election. Shameful.

  4. James Keelaghan says:

    Sorry. Black vote

  5. dave constable says:

    On Real Clear, the bottom of the list of polls is the ‘direction of the country’ poll by Economist/yougov. As it has for months, in various polls, the ‘wrong direction’ reading is 63%. I realize Obama’s approval ratings are still favourable, but I wonder how much this ‘wrong direction’ measurement is a part of American voters’ thinking on how they will vote.

    The insider candidate is seen to represent same old same old, while the simplistic huckster has somehow sold himself as the agent of change.

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