11.04.2016 10:55 AM

Think @realDonaldTrump knows how to run a campaign? Think again


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    James Smith says:

    Hope the US Media picks up on this.

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    dave constable says:

    Smart move! Gets Canadians who mistakenly supported one candidate, to choose another, and to go to USA and influence American voters to switch as well.

    (I think I’ll go on twitter and mention this to Jill.)

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    MississaugaPeter says:

    Maybe the Russians hacked into the Democratic Party supporter database and found Lisa and your telephone number and gave it to their Trump surrogate.

    Maybe Trump is planning to not build a wall with Canada, but actually planning to annex Canada, and wants a head start for 2020.

    Maybe Trump is dimwitted much like his pal Sarah Palin and thinks Canada is actually part of Alaska.

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      Ted H says:

      Well he can see Canada from Niagara Falls, that’s the extent of his foreign policy experience.

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    jennifer stewart says:

    New York magazine on what will likely happen to Trump’s appeasers. Hoo boy.

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    Jose says:

    http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2016/11/hillary_starting_to_lose_it_on_the_campaign_trail.html To be fair they’re both absoluty bat-shit crazy

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      Ron says:

      I’m sure it will show at the polls on the 28th.

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        Jose says:

        LOL True enough ! But we should consider that the polls are only based on 50 instead of the more correct 57 states.

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    jennifer stewart says:

    the key takeaway from the New York Magazine article above. Just as Trump and Harper were no Hitler’s they sure left fertile ground for someone who might be.

    Whether Trump heads directly to political oblivion after Election Day or makes a soft landing at a new Trump TV channel, the Trumpist cause will outlive him. The Trumpists themselves, nurtured within the GOP in embryo for a half-­century before Trump’s candidacy rallied them and rebranded them in his own image, will march on. Having already been emboldened by their easy conquest of a major political party, they will be more inflamed than ever by a crushing defeat in an election they are certain is rigged. They may yet rally around a new demagogue who is a more effective Hitler surrogate than Trump could ever be.

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      Tim White says:

      Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty. The future is unwritten.

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    Charlie says:

    If its a 212 area code, its probably just the New York-FBI office making sure their guy gets elected.


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    Bill MacLeod says:

    While it’s a pretty silly thing to do, on the surface of it, but they are robo-calls after all.

    One shouldn’t take to partisan a view on it, either, as I, sitting peacefully here in the “good-old 204” was consistently robo-called by Barack Obama’s team in both ’08 and ’12.

    But hey, who’s counting.



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    jennifer stewart says:

    Breaking news
    Chris Christie’s Bridgegate conspirators were today found guilty. Will they go to jail. Dunno but Chistie is finished and this may be the template the Wall Streeters are terrified of. Now if we could only go after Harper and his cronies with a full forensic audit of where the money went at the G20 we might send a few to jail up here. Here’s the story and another take below if our host allows.

    No one’s going to be closing any bridges too soon. If only they put a few bankers behind bars…

    The dirty little secret is the educated class believes it’s inviolate. That prison is for inner city denizens, the so-called dregs, and that if you’re wealthy enough and savvy enough you can hire an attorney and get off.

    But not in this case.

    It’s impossible to go back and reopen the bridge, give the time back to those who were frustrated by lane closures. But this is not about restitution but prevention. How do we reduce bad behavior in the future?

    Some deterrents don’t work. Like the death penalty. That’s just an eye for an eye. But put a middle class person in jail and they’re changed for life. Look at the Watergate conspirators, one of the worst offenders, Chuck Colson, became a preacher. He had a lot of time behind bars to think about his bad behavior. And Dick Nixon may have been pardoned by his successor, Gerald Ford, but his reputation was irreparably tarnished and…

    We’ve got a government spying on its citizens, and a financial system that continues to wreak havoc on our economy, but we’re complicit in this behavior. We think the best and the brightest are keeping us safe. Funny how the right wingers are all about keeping government out of our business but when it comes to going behind closed doors, into our communications devices, to keep us supposedly secure, they’re all for it.

    I remember when jail was anathema, not a badge of honor. Seemingly every rapper has been behind bars, and of course that’s an overstatement, but how have we gotten to the point where we glorify this? Why do these performers find it so hard to do the right thing?

    Then again, we revere the outlaws because we ourselves are afraid.

    these white collar criminals…they know exactly what they’re doing and they act with impunity. And the same right wingers who believe in law and order have crippled the judiciary system to the point where if you’re guilty of bad behavior there’s a good chance you won’t be caught, never mind prosecuted. No taxes, no prosecutors. Funny how it’s all part of the same circle, you can’t take out one element and expect the system to work. Explain to me again how reducing IRS agent head count helps us? Aren’t these the people paid to collect the money?

    So now while there’s a camera on every corner, to the point the average citizen can’t commit a crime and get away with it, those at the top of the pyramid are running willy-nilly over the system.

    I’ve got no idea if they’ll prosecute Chris Christie, one thing I know for sure is his political career is finished. And the bridge lane closures did it. It was akin to a rap feud. The mayor of Fort Lee wouldn’t endorse him so he had to pay. The only thing missing was the bullets.

    But there was evidence, electronic evidence. These nitwits didn’t realize their mobile phones were incriminating devices. Once again, it’s getting very hard to break the law and get away with it, but if you’re committing conceptual crimes the odds of skating are much higher. Next time it’ll all be done via conversation. That’s what they do in Silicon Valley when a deal gets close, they get off e-mail, they go to the landline, because there is no record.

    And there’s a huge record of financial bad behavior but no one in charge, no one making decisions, was prosecuted. They said they didn’t know, hid behind layers of management, and counted on their cronies in the government, like Timothy Geithner, to let them be.

    Then again, we’ve got a corrupt system. Both political and financial. You can’t make it unless you bend the rules. To the point where Donald Trump is boasting about bending the rules. Which way do we want it, zero tolerance or…

    Put a few bankers behind bars and you’d be stunned how financial shenanigans evaporate. Nobody who went to an Ivy League institution wants to take it up the rear end. That’s right, put ’em in with the general population, don’t send ’em to a country club prison.

    As for politicians… They do get prosecuted, they do go to jail, the attorney general of Pennsylvania, Kathleen Kane, a Democrat, was just convicted. But, is it the person or the system or both? And can we investigate the system as well as the person? How the hell do you raise the money to run and get elected? Inherently you owe favors.

    We’re all guilty. Of being two-faced. We want a pass here and strict tolerance there.

    But when you send a message to those in charge, making decisions, that bad behavior won’t be tolerated, it ripples through the whole system. Talk about trickle down…

    So, today was a victory for our country. It showed no one is above the law.

    But the truth is most movers and shakers believe to the contrary. They fly private, live behind layers of security and have access to the gatekeepers, they can make things go away. We live in a two-tiered society and most of us are on the lower rung when the truth is we’re all in this together.

    I don’t want to ruin anybody’s life, I don’t want anybody taken away from their children.

    But if they’re gonna put African-Americans behind bars for smoking a little dope, all in an effort to feed the prison industrial complex, then those in charge of creating the system must be incarcerated too.

    There’s no crying in court. You can let the tears flow but the scales of justice won’t be tipped.

    Chalk one up for the good guys today. Us.

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    Wes W says:

    I think he’s doing alright. Tied in Michigan.

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    Matt says:

    Is it possible they were attempting to call ex-pat vote eligible Americans living in Canada and got the number wrong?

    Which of course would still point to a not so good ground game, but might explain robocalls into Canada.

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    bluegreenblogger says:

    The best thing that can be said about robocalls is that they are normally better than nothing. Not much better, but if you do not have much of a GOTV budget, then you can get your turnout up by a percent or two for roughly a penny per call, plus fixed costs. They work best when used to back up the phone bank, robodial all the hard to reach as eday progresses. I once tested the proposition with 8,000 calls, and a control group of 3,000 supporters who we tracked but did not contact any other way. There was a detectable difference in turnout.

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