11.21.2016 12:06 PM

This lunatic, who is going to be the most powerful person on Earth…

…is complaining about a comedy show being mean to him.  Seriously.

I’d love to be able to joke about him having access to the nuclear codes, but I just can’t.  This is precisely what Hillary warned everyone about (although not nearly enough, which is a subject for another day). If the Doomsday Clock isn’t fully at midnight by the end of January 2017, I will be amazed.



  1. Steve T says:

    Yes, the Donald continues to have a thin skin; the irony of which would be funny if it weren’t so scary.

    I recently saw a good meme surrounding the Pence / Hamilton situation, given the use by Trump of the word “harassment” in that context:

    “It’s not harassment. We just call it ‘dressing room talk'”

  2. Tango Jane says:

    While Democrats will never understand or admit this, Donald Trump and White Nationalism is sustained by welfare and food stamps e.g.:


    • Ron says:

      This guy made Bill Maher’s ‘New Rules’ awhile ago. Something like “If you’re in court asking for custody of your children, dressing like a gauleiter isn’t recommended.”

  3. Charlie says:

    And so it begins…

    What a fuckin moron.

    Does he not remember that he himself was on SNL not a year ago?

    And who is “us” –His semi-retarded legion of followers who found enough time to lose their shit over the Hamilton speech but have no idea what it was about or what Hamilton is for that matter?

    My god, America is so screwed. They have a 70 year old man-child in the WH and a nearly half of the voting population is stupid enough to by into this guy’s bullshit. I can’t wait till Washington Republican stab Donald Trump in the back and push him out in favour of a President Pence. We all know its going to happen, might as well start bracing for the transition from Trump’s dumbassed America to Pence’s homophobic America.

  4. dave constable says:

    I have been mulling over what past leaders, and world intellects, would have tweeted at various times in response to various situations they encountered. In a way, though, we often judge past leaders by what amounts to ‘tweets’ long before twitter ever existed.

    Some other leaders have not responded well to satire: Presently, Erdogan comes to mind. They interpret poking fun at their personal quirks to attacks on the state, and use the judiciary to respond to the satirists.

  5. dave constable says:

    I have a copy of some of Osip Mandelstam’s stuff from earlier in the 20th Century. I quite like his lyrics.

    But here are the lines of his mid 1930’s blunt satirical piece about Stalin. It’s usually called “Epigram on Stalin”

    We are present, but cannot feel the land where we stand,
    Ten steps away you cannot hear what we say.
    But if people would talk on here and there,
    They should mention the Kremlin Caucasian.

    His fingers are bulky and like live baits,
    And his sharp words are as heavy with power.
    Cucuracha’s moustaches scream with menace,
    And his boot tops are shiny and sleek.

    Surrounded by a band of scrawny necked hirelings,
    He toys with the servility of these half men.
    Some are whistling some mewing, some sniffing.
    He’s alone booming, meddling and sniffing.

    He is forging his rules and decrees into iron –
    Into groins into foreheads, into eyes and eyebrows.
    Every killing for him is a delight,
    An Ossetian torso is wide.

    Mandelstam was arrested and sent to a gulag after this poem was published. He was released, but again picked up, and died before the decade ended. As I mentioned above, some leaders do not react well to satire, and have no problem using the powers of the state to respond.

  6. Wes W says:

    The most gratifying thing of this Trump win is the endless handwringing and hyperbole from the left. Trump has not even started and everything is his fault. BooHoo. Next time pick a candidate who isn’t so crooked and entitled. It’s the democrats fault trump won, pure and simple. If they had booted crooked Hillary who “deserved” the presidency, trump would not have had a chance.

  7. Merrill Smith says:

    Coming soon: Trump TV. Paid for by someone, anyone, not named Trump.

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