11.17.2016 08:03 AM

Trump, November 17: this is the face of fascism


Donald Trump may push through a controversial registry for immigrants from mostly-Muslim countries without seeking congressional approval, a member of his transition team has said.

Kris Kobach, the Kansas secretary of state and adviser to Mr Trump said the president-elect’s immigration team are drafting executive orders that would allow the new White House to secure the rapid construction of wall along the border with Mexico.

This is National Socialism. Oppose it.


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    dave constable says:

    In late 2001 and through 2002 I thought that in a number of Western countries there was a fear campaign that served to centralize powers in the state, – and in USA, centralized powers in the executive.
    In USA they vaunt their separation of powers and their checks and balances, but I thought that Congress and the justice system caved in to giving the executive way too much power, with less and less accountability.
    With the change in administrations in 2008, the Congress continued to allow the executive to consolidate and exercise powers that I thought their constitution did not grant to the executive.
    Now, after 15 years, they have developed an executive with a lot of power and little need to explain.
    Now they have a new administration which looks to continue to act in contravention of their constitution and I just do not see their checks and balances from the judiciary and congress challenging that increasingly arbitrary powers in the executive.

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    BussinIt says:

    This is National Socialism if you know nothing about history or are a member of the liberal cult (or both.) And I used to think conservatives were airheads.

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      Warren says:

      Says the tough guy in mommy’s basement, using a fake name and fake email.

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