11.19.2016 09:13 AM

Donald Uber Alles: even dead rock stars aren’t safe

On May 3, 2013, the Palmetto Playground in Brooklyn, New York was renamed to Adam Yauch Park in memory of the Beastie Boy, who died in 2012. Today, the park was defaced with swastikas and graffiti that read “Go Trump,” Billboard reports. Find an image below. Yauch, like the rest of his bandmates, was Jewish. There has been a spike in hate crimes and racially-charged attacks around the country since Donald Trump was elected president.


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    dave constable says:

    This kind of thing can shake up people, especially some people in the targeted group. I’ve experienced this stuff – different targets, but same idea.
    I understand that one of the Trump appointments is gung ho for increased surveillance of the population. This kind of secretive spray painting strengthens the arguments of people who advocate more centralized control of the internet. We already have info about the close ties between corporate internet companies and secret police surveillance, and a proliferation of what looks like like organized anti social groups will soften any opposition to more state control of communications.

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    bluegreenblogger says:

    Based on the fact the graffiti is a backwards swastika fail, I would have to say this was not the work of an actual neo-Nazi. In spirit perhaps, but practiced, no. Chalk it up to stupid proto-racist teens I guess.

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      dave constable says:

      Hah! A backward swastia – bluegreenblogger, you are so politically correct.

      I agree with you. i wondered about whether this one one person, as opposed to an organized group. I think CBC has a report that a fellow has been arrested for this spray painting.

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      Tim White says:

      The scum is rising. Today’s stupid proto racist teens are tomorrow’s willing soldiers and cops. Nazi punks fuck off.

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    Jennifer says:

    Well… I don’t know if they need to be teens. Teens are not necessarily “stupider enough” to do the backwards swastika thing. Seems like if you are the kind of person who spray paints attempted swastikas on anything, and you include stuff like “Go Trump” and you do it in Adam Yauch’s playground, you might also be a really stupid racist who is allllll grown up.

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