11.20.2016 12:16 AM

Vote now, vote often 


  1. Charlie says:

    Shut the curtains and turn off all the lights.

    Joking aside, Canada has typically been the first foreign visit of a new POTUS dating back to Reagan’s time in office. Prior to that, both JFK and LBJ man their first visits to Canada, while Nixon put it off until much later into his presidency (coincidentally, when PET was PM).

    In this particular situation, I highly doubt Trump will be making his inaugural trip to Canada. And not to be flippant about it, but it wouldn’t surprise me if Trump did make his first trip to Russia.

    Nevertheless, I don’t know if anyone has had the chance to read the Obama piece in the New Yorker but it is devastatingly poignant how thoughtful and responsible President Obama is being about this predicament. His steadfast leadership in providing Americans with a source of faithful optimism in the American democratic system is what historians will look back on 50 years from now and refer to as nothing less than noble.

    Which is why I think Trudeau should do exactly what he himself has done thus far; he needs to continue to be a poised and diplomatic leader when it comes to dealing with Donald Trump.

    Despite what the perpetually-outraged-dumbass Tom Mulcair thinks, mouthing off isn’t going to achieve anything.

  2. Sean McLaughlin says:

    Suggest he visit Moscow instead.

  3. Bill Templeman says:

    Trump will not “ask” to come to Canada. He has bigger fish to fry.

  4. dave constable says:

    I am starting to get an idea of what kind of questions will be on a federal Liberal government’s ballot regarding electoral reform.

  5. monkey says:

    I think the best thing is invite him, but when in private explain quite clearly to him Canada is a country of tolerance and we will not be altering our immigration laws and that such discourse is not something we want in his country. After all the world is full of bad leaders which we have to deal with whether we like them or not, but we can at least make clear where we stand. Lets remember the Chinese government may not be racist like Trump, but their human rights policies and repression of free speech and minorities is abhorrent yet Trudeau still works with them, as he should. The main thing is more set an example of how Canada will do things differently and not follow his awful bigoted policies.

    • Bill Templeman says:

      And Trudeau should also point out that he –and the scientists employed by his government– do not support Trump’s contention that anthropogenic global warming is a Chinese hoax. Canada believes in science, etc…..The global warming/climate change file is where the Trump Administration is going to do catastrophic damage. Alberta & Saskatchewan will be booming as the planet bakes.

  6. Ronald O'Dowd says:


    This Prime Minister has to imagine himself taking a spoonful of cod liver oil. It’s best to just go ahead and get it over with…

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