12.15.2016 12:14 PM

BC NDP leader gets the weathervane treatment, and it’s brutal

That John Heaney photo, below, prompted some BC friends to send me a great video about John’s good pal, the BC NDP leader, John Horgan.

I always love a good weathervane ad. This one is particularly deadly.  Brutal, even.


  1. dave constable says:

    This theme has shown up on my facebook page for weeks, now. Lots of people must be seeing it on their fb , because I do not fit the profile of a BC Lib voter. That I get he ad speaks to one way that social media can sell space. ( One day I said something on facebook to a pal of mine about an opera we had recently taken in. A day later there was an ad on my fb page trying to sell me the ferry trip , hotel rooms and opera tickets in Seattle.)
    The government ads on tv in recent months have also been pretty good (pro BC Lib, that is) in repeating low info, high fell good messages about he present government.
    The premier pulled a stunt at the recent ministers’ meeting on carbon emission controls. Seeing what was happening, she stepped out to do a photo op on camera, pretending to be standing strong, then went back in, signed the deal, and the BC Lib ads on my fb immediately posted ads showing the premier ‘standing strong’ for BC.
    Now the BC Lib Health Minister is trying the same thing, standing up to Ottawa.
    In a way, the BC Lib campaign will echo the Harper Conservatives oft used appeal: the firm hand at the tiller versus the weak kneed, mediocre opposition.

    Election is middle of next May.

  2. Kelly says:

    Jeez and the BC Liberals just announced a a program today to send young families into debt servitude and inflate the housing bubble even more. Interesting free loans ….for down payments! Pure idiocy.

    • dave constable says:

      Free at first – but must be first home, must live int he home, borrow up to 1/2 minimum down payment (to a total of $37 500), pay no principle or interest for 5 years, bu then pay it all back at current interest rates on monthly payments.

      Looks like a gift to sellers and banks, beginning next month…and I agree with your ‘…debt servitude and inflate….’ prediction.

      (Did I mention the election is in May?)

  3. Charlie says:

    Campaign ads contain about the same veracity as TV ads for “quick n’ easy ab-blasters”.

    Having said that, I will say, there is a grain of validity in this video. What is the NDP’s stance on pipelines? If BC NDP and Ottawa NDP are against them, while Alberta NDP are for them, what is the party’s official stance?

    Unlike their Conservative and Liberal counterparts, the NDP counts provincial and federal memberships as one-in-the-same; thus all Dippers technically fall under the same policy platform. I’m hearing a lot of nuance, but I’m not sure which New Democrats are representative of the party establishment itself.

  4. jay says:

    The paradox here is that if Horgan wins, Notley loses, but if Horgan loses, Notley wins. No wonder Brian Topp is going back to Ontario

  5. The Doctor says:

    The wet-noodle position-that-is-not-really-a-position that Horgan just announced on the Site C Dam is pretty pathetic. The NDP is a bit scared of its own shadow in BC. It is severely torn between the blue-collar butt-cleavage union types (who are generally pro-development) and the urban greenies. And the BC Liberals know that and aim wedge policies at it.

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