12.05.2016 08:37 AM

Conservatives want to throw a woman in a cage

We know Donald Trump did. It’s why he’s a fascist. Throwing an opponent in a democracy in jail – simply because they disagree with you – is fascism.

And now we know a lot of Canadian Conservatives feel the same way. They want to throw Rachel Notley in a cage because they hate her – because she disagrees with them. Because she’s a woman, perhaps. Because she’s not doing what they want her to do, almost certainly.


It was around the 40-second mark. Did you see that unctuous, servile weasel Chris Alexander? Grinning when the crowd starts chanting “lock her up” about Rachel Notley? Not telling them to stop?

These people aren’t conservatives. Real conservatives value true speech, I believe, and they defend democracy.  They value debate.

Fascists don’t.


  1. Ron says:

    There is nothing “Honourable” about Chris Alexander. This is another alt-right evangelist seeker and carpetbagger of the lowest order.

    The CPC leadership race is packed with them.

    • Warren says:

      I like Raitt and Chong. But I’m a Democrat.

      They’ll probably pick Leitch, because they never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity.

      • Ron says:

        Does the Trump administration want civil war ? Or are they just that short sighted ….


      • redraven says:

        I keep seeing Mike Myers as Linda Richmond of Coffee Talk addressing this crowd instead of Alexander and saying

        “lock her up; now hate amongst yourselves.” 🙂

      • monkey says:

        Perhaps, but the Ontario PCs choose John Tory in 2004 and Alberta PCs choose Alison Redford. I’ve found the more right wing reactionary ones like Ezra Levant are the loudest and nosiest, but they have very limited appeal. I agree Kellie Leitch will probably come in first on the first ballot, but she has very little room for growth meaning unless she can get over 40% on the first ballot, she won’t pick up enough second choices to win. Lisa Raitt has Atlantic Canada roots so I suspect she will come in first in most ridings there and that is 32 out of 338. Ontario should be a mix, but I suspect Chong and Raitt will dominate the urban ridings while Leitch and maybe Scheer in the rural ones. Chong also has potential in British Columbia where even many conservatives support strong action on the environment. Lets remember most members of the BC Liberals when Gordon Campbell was premier were federal Tories not Liberals and Chong’s plan actually has a lot of resemblance so I could see him doing well amongst that cohort. Off those the Reform cohort hates him which is unfortunately large in BC albeit rapidly dying off and not nearly as numerous as in the 90s.

      • bluegreenblogger says:

        you’re thinking they are a mere plurality?

  2. smelter rat says:

    The CPC is a gong show, and the leadership contest is a race to the bottom.

    • Matt says:

      Kinda like Trudeau’s bid for electoral reform.

      • Tim Sullivan says:

        Yes, kinda like whole political party with affiliated organizations, subgroups and memberships, a constitution and rules, leadership, volunteers and staff is the same as a policy statement or position.

  3. Steve T says:

    “These people aren’t conservatives. Real conservatives value true speech, I believe, and they defend democracy. They value debate.”

    Thanks, WK. It’s that sort of sentiment that will get us past these dark times. Small-c conservatives across North America are having trouble reconciling their long-standing views with those of the people who purport to represent us lately (Trump; etc…). Who’d have thought I would be pining for the relatively-normal days of the 1990s?

  4. Matt says:

    For the record, it is being reported that while, yes Alexander did smile and nod along with the “lock her up” chant, he did attempt to change the direction of the conversation to voting he out rather than locking her up.

    Just giving the full version of the story. I obviously wasn’t there and the video apparently doesn’t show it.

  5. Kevin T. says:

    After this AND the Snitch Line fiasco that still clings to him, he should just quietly leave and try to regain some credibility in another sphere. Chris Alexander is too hapless for the politics of hate and intolerance.

    • Tim Sullivan says:

      You forget this running away on CBC radio and refusal to answer the questions about the number of refugees as unknowable – he was Immigration minister.

      And you forget he lost the election.

  6. BlueGritr says:

    May well be the best line of 2016: “they never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity.” So, so true. Thinking, when the dust settles, the CPC will give the nod to Andrew Scheer, thus guaranteeing PM Trudeau about 240 seats in the next general election.

  7. Matt says:

    I believe that Trump wanted to “lock up” Clinton for the alleged crimes related to her secret email server that the FBI was investigating her for. It never seemed to me that Trump was suggesting she be locked up solely because she was his political opponent. The FBI investigated Clinton repeatedly so there were reasonable grounds to believe she may have committed a crime and, equally reasonable to suggest that if the FBI found sufficient evidence, that she be made to defend herself in court. It predates me, but I’m sure there were democrats who wanted to lock up Nixon over Watergate. Throwing people in jail when they’ve been found guilty of committing a crime does not make someone a Fascist, in my opinion, and I think labelling Trump a Fascist dilutes the meaning of the word, especially when compared to such notables as Mussolini and Hitler.

    • Tim Sullivan says:

      How does the fact of an investigation lead one to the conclusion that there were reasonable grounds of anything?

      In 10 words or less, what did HRC do that would attract a charge to warrant time in jail.

    • Kelly says:

      Very scary.

      In a democracy the head of government doesn’t get to decide who gets arrested or thrown in jail. Civilian controlled Police arrest and charge and judges or juries decide guilt or innocence. In fascist dictatorships Generalisimo decides. See the difference? And see why Trump’s idiotic rhetoric is so dangerous? He’s got a following of know – nothings screaming for their own enslavement and they don’t even know it yet.

      • Matt says:

        Kelly – The USA is still a democracy and Trump does not have the power to unilaterally put Clinton in jail, even if he wanted to. In this case it was the FBI who investigated Clinton and could have recommended that charges be brought against her, which it ultimately didn’t. People can still express a view of Clinton’s perceived guilt or innocence, but it is the judicial branch that determines whether or not someone goes to jail, and not the executive branch of government. It is very scary to me that people don’t recognize this. People can continue to call Trump a Fascist, but he is the head of a democracy and unless he can round up enough congressional and state support to amend the constitution, it isn’t likely to change.

  8. weasel says:

    Trump said he would sick a special independent prosecutor on Hillary Clinton for obvious and easily-researched corruption. Due process of law. Innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. That ain’t fascism.

    You are simply a weasel who barks “fascist” and “racist” at your political enemies because you got nothing. You’re a bribe-taking politician wannabe FFS. As punk as Hillary’s pantsuits. Pathetic to the core. Please do the world a favor and kill yourself.

  9. redraven says:

    Chris Alexander is a whimperer in a world going bang. He’s a tropesayer (new word) whose in it for the money. He makes more in a month than 99 percent of population and all for giving oxygen to a crowd of white haters who are angry that someone might get some of what they already have. He doesn’t give a rat’s ass whether he wins or loses as long as the money train keeps chugging along. He’s set for life unless fifteen grand a month plus benefits isn’t enough to keep him in slogans.

  10. Mom says:

    Are you sure she’s (Kelly) not there to make Kevin O. look good once he throws his hat in the ring?

  11. Ronald O'Dowd says:


    One would have thought that it would have dawned on them by now that they have to choose someone who can at the very least be competitive with Trudeau. Apparently, not…

    They should have drafted MacKay or Moore.

    • BlueGritr says:

      Neither MacKay nor Moore (nor any other hapless CPC leadership candidate) can do retail politics like Justin can. Tories and New Democrats might as well set their hopeful sights on 2023.

      • Ronald O'Dowd says:


        If the day ever comes where Langevin Block takes this government’s re-election for granted, that is the day they are on the road back to opposition. They have to literally fight for it politically – – every single day.

    • bluegreenblogger says:

      MacKay would have been fun. lots of fun. I know ALL KINDS of old Orchard supporters who would stay up all night saying pleasant things about MacKay. Me too, I will never forget his promise and lie. It was close to the sleaziest thing I have ever seen in Politics in Canada. I am not a PC, but I may have voted for them once. PC’s you can maybe vote for if you must. Conservatives? This post is why this gang is un-supportable.

  12. Charlie says:

    The stupid do, what the stupid see.

    And, as you can see, these people have an abundance of stupid.

    On a side note, what the hell does Chris Alexander even do now — does he even have a job? He should probably focus on finding a new career, because he’s got no future in politics.

  13. pat says:

    They’re undignified in general conversation without awareness of the gravity of reality; the weight of what they are saying. They want to lock people up who have a point of view that is reasonable – even convinced everyday folks that Notley is the reason oil tumbled – and not a change in the supply chain, fracking in the US, a change from an importer to an exporter, and increased production as a means to make fracking unprofitable. This is about Global supply issues, and a change in extraction technology, and she is working very hard to get that crude to tidewater for a better price. Now that there’s a small decrease in production from OPEC and Russia who are they going to blame when fracking increases – Notley the environmental steward?

    And in Alberta you have business people (they aren’t very good at business) who don’t know what OPEC is encouraging angry crowds to lock up a person who would feed them when they are hungry – the other side could care less if you starve to death. That firewall they used to talk about – remember that one? makes a lot of sense in pursuit of pipelines – man these people dig their own holes.

    • The Doctor says:

      Your last paragraph is nothing but bigoted partisan drivel.

      • pat says:

        I’m non-partisan with regards to provincial politics, but it’s a bit ironic when free traders want firewalls, and the so called left is working hard to trade freely, and make more money. Obnoxious, and in bad taste to chant “lock her up”. You want Kangaroo courts in Canada –

        I guess that thing about them not being any good at business is a bit mean though – lots of nice business people in Alberta – sorry about that

  14. Ted H says:

    Alexander and Leitch, there isn’t enough lipstick in Canada to put on those pigs.

  15. William Whyte says:

    In a cage? Perhaps he meant like Go-Go dancers of the 1960s.

  16. Ronald O'Dowd says:


    It’s a bit off for people to go overboard on Alexander given the fact that two parties were desperate to recruit him two elections back. Guess which ones?

  17. pat says:

    People in Alberta deserve less frenzy and more reality from their leaders, and chanting “lock her up” is too much like a bad western with the lynch mob on the front porch of a kangaroo court. The province doesn’t benefit from this kind of misguided jingoism, but they do when they make friends from other places, and she’s really good at that.

  18. Ridiculosity says:


  19. Chris Haines says:

    “We know Donald Trump did. It’s why he’s a fascist. Throwing an opponent in a democracy in jail – simply because they disagree with you – is fascism.”

    So just so we are clear, you also believe that Fidel Castro was a fascist. And that by extension, Pierre Elliot Trudeau consorted with a fascist and called him a friend.

    I’m not a Trump fan at all and I think that Trudeau was a good leader (wasn’t a fan of Castro though). But be careful using the word fascist like that. Until Trump actually gets in power and does half the things he talked about during the campaign, he is not a fascist. Just a lying piece of $hit blowhard.

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