12.10.2016 08:29 AM

Glen Greenwald is Putin’s useful idiot

To recap: U.S. intelligence agencies have confirmed that Putin’s regime interfered in the U.S. election (to destroy Clinton) – and held onto some of what they found (ro blackmail Trump).  It’s been in all the papers.

I comment on it on Twitter.

I see the online Glen Greenwald, once a journalist but now a shill for every anti-Clinton cause, furiously defending Putin’s covert campaign. So I remark on what I think of him now.

The former journalist notices and responds with this:

I respond:

So, Greenwald then comes up with this:

Tellingly, a Canadian extremist who I blocked long ago becomes one of Greenwald’s sources in this Twitter exchange. She tells him I ran a campaign against Rob Ford. Here’s what he says next about Yours Truly:

This is kind of typical of the tire fire that is now Glen Greenwald’s journalism. To wit: (a) I didn’t run anyone’s campaign against Rob Ford and (b) Rob Ford wasn’t even on the ballot in the campaign Greenwald is referring to. Greenwald, as is so often the case, makes a couple big factual errors. So, I say:

He doesn’t know what to say about his errors, apparently.

So, I return to his “evil imbecile” insult.

Anyway. Various trolls came into it after that, I got bored, and I had to let the dogs out.

There’s a point to all of this: Glen Greenwald, and those like him, became micro-celebrities by promoting their heroes Snowden, Assange, et al. They came to despise the Obama-Clinton folks for their objections to the law-breaking of Snowden, Assange et al. And, in the depths of their hatred, they became (like the Republican Party) apologists for Vladimir Putin, who (we now know) was running the whole show back in Moscow, and laughing his ass off.

The point: American democracy has been compromised, and Donald Trump is to blame for that. And American journalism has been compromised, too – and Glen Greenwald and his ilk are to blame for that.


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    Todd Goldsbie says:

    One could also believe that Trump is being directly blackmailed over video from hotel parties in Moscow. Seems so Austin Powers but yet so possible

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      doconnor says:

      How can you blackmail someone who can’t convince that he has ever done anything wrong?

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    BlueGritr says:

    Assail the Donald and Greenwald all you want. Sure, they both lack sophistication. But do yourself a favour and read John Ivison in today’s NP. Ivison’s right. Trump is going to cut business taxes dramatically. He’s pulling out all the stops to make the U.S. economy more competitive and attract more jobs and more investments. We’re not. (More taxes.) Young Justin needs to start paying more attention to advancing our economy because values mean squat when people are suddenly out of work.

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    Ron says:

    What do genius’ like these dipshits think Trump would do if he got his hands on Snowden and Assange ?

    Give them the Medal of Freedom ?

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    rumleyfips says:

    Trump trumpeted his overpowering sexual power. Any blackmail tapes would have to involve things the Trumpaloonies deplore, like camels or drag queens or short fingers.

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      Kevin says:

      I know a few drag queens, and they’d hang up their tits before being caught dead anywhere near Trump.

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    themethodman says:

    You’re in the wrong here Warren. The CIA appears to have confirmed this, without any type of solid proof. That still does not excuse Hillary from not visiting the midwest instead of fundraisers in the hamptons. She should have won, and that falls on her at the end of the day.

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      Warren says:

      Who fuck are you? “No proof”? Do you run an intelligence agency, you putz?

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    godot10 says:

    US Intelligence agencies lied about the Gulf of Tonkin to justify a war, lied about stolen Kuwaiti Infant incubators to justify a war, lied about WMD to justify a war, lied about milk factories in Africa to justify bombing (as a distraction from blue dresses), lied about Benghazi, lied about the nature of the opposition in Syria who they are arming. They lied about torture and rendition (Obama didn’t prosecute anybody).

    How does one know US intelligence agencies are lying? Whenever they issue a news release!

    The whole mainstream media public relations social media influencer cesspool is fake news at its finest. Independent players are now in the game and can use the same techniques, and the powers-that-be are unhappy about it so they want to censor the independent players and let mainstream media fake news and manipulation have a monopoly.

    Finding the signal through the noise is hard, but the mainstream media cesspool is as noisy and fake as everything else.

    The Washington Post had to issue a major correction (basically a retraction) to its fake news story on fake news. Of course, no one really notices the retraction.

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      Justin M says:

      Just wanted to thank you godot10 for being the one person in this comment section to state the obvious. Whoever this author is clearly has an inability to use logic and reason. He does seem quite adept at name calling though…

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    Tim Sullivan says:

    The reference to Ford by Greewald is so easily verifiable, it would have taken less than a minute to confirm the advice. I don’t know how anyone took him seriously, but this level of “repeat and don’t verify” journalism might have him explaining how a pizza place and Clinton …

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    Charlie says:

    Holy shit, America is so fucked.

    They’re not a country anymore. They’re a goddamn banana-republic.

    They have a possibly treasonous and illegitimate president for whom the majority of voters did not vote.

    They had the equivalent of a cyber-Pearl Harbour happen right before their eyes and the very agency (FBI) that was meant to protect them, allowed it to happen.

    I remember hearing Trump supporters promise violence if their guy lost; Hillary Clinton was robbed of a fair election by Russian interference — at what point does America just devolve into complete chaos?

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    Pipes says:


    Treason: the crime of betraying one’s country, especially by attempting to kill the sovereign or overthrow the government.
    Punishment: shall suffer death, or shall be imprisoned not less than five years and fined under this title but not less than $10,000; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States. Or writing on a blackboard 100 times “I was a bad boy”.

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    Jack McLeod says:

    In 2012, Glen Greenwald was listed by “The New Statesman” as one of the top 20 “Progressives” in the United States. Has he changed his stripes or is this a case of “Progressives” eating each other?
    Prompted me to bookmark “The Intercept.”

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      Warren says:

      I’m a Democrat. I fucking hate Trump and Greenwald’s ilk.

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    The Doctor says:

    I’m with you on this, Warren. There is a very weird, toxic strain of the North American left these days that is shockingly uncritical of, and defensive towards, Putin. This, despite the fact that he’s effectively a dictator, virulently anti-democratic, virulently anti-free speech, openly and officially homophobic, and a proven, serial human rights abuser. It just blows my mind. But I guess there’s this part of the prog-left that’s always reflexively contrarian and opposed to whatever the perceived views of the Western military and intelligence elites are, no matter what. And it sometimes results in these erstwhile progressive people expressing fucked-up, morally twisted positions.

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    Nicole says:

    Trump is simply a puppet for people who are even more dangerous to the USA and world, which is very scary. It is mind boggling that the party of Reagan is standing by and letting Putin run roughshod over American democracy.

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    dave constable says:

    Are those the e mails that showed how much the DNC abused the caucus and primary process to ensure their candidate looked like she won?

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    monkey says:

    Putin has been interferring throughout the West with extremist and populist parties. Putin’s basic goal is to dramatically weaken the West and so he supports whomever will help the country self-destruct. It’s the same reason he supports Le Pen, the Five Star Movement in Italy, Brexit, and wants Angela Merkel gone. The only reason he hasn’t intereferred in Canada is to date all of our leaders have been anti-Putin.

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      rumleyfips says:

      It’s interesting that Putin and his advisers think that right wing racist groups are the key to bringing western democracies down.

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    Tim says:

    Greenwald should refrain from using uppercase “LOL”s. Even if one has a point (not saying here), uppercase anything usually makes you look unhinged.

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    Kevin Laddle says:

    Really said how far Greenwald has fallen that he’s now defending a thug like Putin who rigged the US election for Drumpf.

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    Eastern Rebellion says:

    It goes without saying that any interfering from an outside source in a sovereign country’s electoral process is wrong; stop, period, end of sentence. That being said, how many times has Washington (under both Republican and Democratic administrations) interfered in another country’s internal affairs,including election campaigns? I don’t doubt the veracity of the report from the CIA, but does anyone really think that this type of thing isn’t going on all the time? With all due respect, in my opinion Putin is a paper tiger. The Russia of 2016 does not have anywhere near the military capacity of the Soviet Union. The issues in Ukraine are local issues, and are best dealt with through diplomatic channels. The US has military bases throughout the world, and has thousands of troops deployed across the globe. Russia has a base in Syria, and that’s it. There is no doubt Putin is a mischief maker well skilled in intelligence (remember, he is a former KGB officer), but I would hardly categorize him as any kind of serious threat. China and Iran pose a far more serious military threat to the US.

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      Ron says:

      If China is the more serious threat, Drumpf has done what he does best, he has acted on impulse.

      Twisting the dragon’s tail and pissing in its Cheerios hardly makes the situation better.

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    domenico says:

    Further proof Greenwald is a tool.

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