12.11.2016 09:27 AM

Trump Reich: the beast is awake

News coming on my new book soon. In the meantime, here’s a link and a snippet from the New York Times huge feature on Trump’s neo-Nazi fans in this morning’s paper. 

The deceptively benign phrase “alt-right” now peppers the national conversation, often in ways that play down its fundamental beliefs, which have long been considered intolerant and hateful. The term’s recent prevalence corresponds with the rise of President-elect Donald J. Trump; alt-right leaders say his inflammatory statements and Twitter habits in the campaign energized, even validated, their movement.



  1. PaulM says:

    Great piece. It’s also written by Serge Kovaleski, the reporter mocked by Trump at his rallies.

  2. BillBC says:

    How many of these people are there? Does anyone know? There are bound to be crazies on both fringes of the political spectrum, anarchists as well as fascist racists. I think the numbers matter…

    “Trump Reich..” I think this constant linking of Trump with You Know Who is rather counterproductive. It doesn’t make me any more sympathetic to Trump, who I still think is awful, but it makes me take his critics less seriously….

    • Jon A says:

      If I may speak on behalf of WK, I’m pretty sure he used the inflammatory (to you, apparently) term “reich” BECAUSE ACTUAL FUCKING NAZIS ARE COALESCING.

      • BillBC says:

        Actual fucking Nazis, or just crazy rightwing racist losers? I don’t think “reich” is inflammatory…I just think it misses the point. The danger with Trump is not that he’s a reincarnation of You Know Who. The danger is that he’s an ignorant greedy impulsive narcissist who can do untold damage to the country. The fact that small groups of crazy losers love him is I think a lesser matter…

    • smelter rat says:

      Fuck you and your “both sides do it” argument. Just fuck you. (Sorry Warren).

  3. bluegreenblogger says:

    Hm. Paywall.

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    If the actual real news was aggregated somewhere, I would pay for it. But Not for one outlet. If the real news companies had banded together with real content, and proven journalistic standards, they would have seen their bullshit rivals off years ago.

  4. Kelly says:

    Well, given the composition of his cabinet, there doesn’t appear to even be any pretense of Trump wanting to lead a legitimate constitutional liberal democracy. I think the only thing left is to force his hand. Progressives and democratic conservatives need to organize a couple of million person marches and head directly for the white house and see what happens. The way the regime reacts will be telling. Either Trump loyalists will fire on the crowd, so to speak . . . in which case there will likely be a real shooting civil war . . . or the troops will refuse to kill their fellow citizens and Trump and his cronies will be in a helicopter headed for Sochi. Let’s see what Americans believe in.

  5. Bill Templeman says:

    Trump is not a fool, although people may be forgiven for making that assumption. Maybe because of all the dire predictions, his first 3-6 months will be uneventful, while he does dirt behind the scenes (environment stuff, for example)? His cabinet is capable of great evil. But his supporters want him to bring back jobs and prosperity. Agree that this might not end well.

  6. pat says:

    Read the Times article and it scares me. Scares me that all over the world we’re shrinking back to isolationism, and ethnic nationalism – Scares me a lot, and when i hear the folks in our country encouraging the same, and talking like this should be a police state – what goes through their heads? What kind of brainwashing, and propaganda, and fake news do they consume? Just shocked, and saddened. These are sad times when the same kind of propaganda the Nazis employed is creeping into so many facets of life – miserable what they are up to.

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