12.09.2016 11:30 AM

Trump Virus: now in Kelowna

…my wife’s former town. Got a lot of friends there, too.

From Kelowna Now: “Some students at the UBC Okanagan campus in Kelowna were shocked to find pro-white posters telling readers to abandon political correctness and multiculturalism and free themselves of “white guilt.”



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    pat says:

    Trash – trash with more influence than the average person would expect, and a disgrace to this country. Makes me sick –

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    pat says:

    Scares me. The sophistication of their propaganda. Some folks like to question hate speech laws, but when you consider how entrenched these idiots are, and the sophistication of their propaganda – sad times we live in.

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    dave constable says:

    Pale power!

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      Ron says:

      More like ‘pail’ power.

      Freedom for all buckets everywhere !

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    bluegreenblogger says:

    WTF IS Cultural Marxism? Do they just put words in a blender and see what comes out?

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      dave constable says:

      I have exchanges with people who use this term as a pejorative often, as in ‘liberal progressive cultural marxist welfare intellectuals.’ (Most of them are Brits and other Europeans of the right…but lots of Americans, and the odd fellow Canuck use the term as an insult.)

      Could be some substance to it, though. If a marxist view is that we ahve ot look at the material basis for our lives and our way of organizing society, then culture arises from material basis of society. So, for example, for a marxist, who figures that the material basis of our society is exploitation of the ruling owner class of everyone else, then cultural manifestations would all be reflective of this exploitation. To keep us divided, the ownership class fosters a cult of individualism over community, and so our music, film, stories advertising and such would emphasize the individual.
      A marxist would aim to emphasize community over the individual, and would work for equality, social welfare, that kind of thing, so cultural marxism would be setting up social welfare, equality and so on set up and enforced by the state.

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      The Doctor says:

      It’s a favourite bugbear of the far-right. If you do a bit of net surfing, you’ll see. Anders Behring Breivik, the mass shooter in Norway, was obsessed with the concept, and went on about it in his ranting manifesto, etc.

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    Pat S. says:

    One of millions of examples of Cultural Marxism:

    7, December, 2016 @zellieimani tweets: “Black Panthers holding up Mao’s “Little Red Book”. Oakland, US. 1969.” Mao, of course, is the greatest mass murderer in history exceeding even Stalin and Hitler. Estimates range from 50 million to Rummel’s 76 million (1949-87) liquidated. In 38 years Maoism consumed more souls than 500 years of European colonialism – as the people of Tibet and elsewhere will attest to.

    In addition to Imani’s “teaching career”, “geared towards the empowerment of elementary school children”, Imani is also co-founder of the Black Liberation Collective “consisting of Black students who are dedicated to transforming institutions of higher education through unity, coalition building, direct action and political education.” Evidently, young scholars will be empowered via reeducation and indoctrination into Maoism.

    Mao’s ”Four Pests” campaign in ’58 is instructive. The Eurasian tree sparrow was accused of robbing the People of the fruits of their labour. The masses were mobilized to liquidate the species. Citizens took to banging pots and pans or beating drums forcing these winged counterrevolutionaries to fly until they dropped from the sky in exhaustion. Nests were torn down, eggs broken, nestlings killed – near-extinction resulted. A small cohort of sparrows sought refuge in the extraterritorial Polish embassy. It was surrounded by people with drums. After two days of constant drumming, the Poles had to shovel away the dead birds.

    Chinese leaders soon realized that sparrows ate large amounts of insects as well as residual grain. But it was too late. The locust population exploded to a plague of Biblical proportions, massive swarms blackening the sky. This compounded the ecological catastrophes, widespread deforestation and misuse of poisons already caused during the Great Leap Forward. This environmental collapse greatly exacerbated the Great Chinese Famine which caused 45 million souls to starve to death.

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