12.15.2016 08:42 AM

Trump Virus: now in Newmarket


A young woman is left troubled and worried for her safety after finding three ‘alt-right’ propaganda flyers posted around the parking lot of the Upper Canada Mall in Newmarket Monday.

The woman, who is bi-racial and in her early 20s, has asked not to be identified by name. She works two jobs at the mall. She uses public transit to get to work and after walking off the bus at the mall stop near Davis Drive Monday morning, she noticed a white flyer with black lettering taped to a tree. The flyer started with the phrase “Hey White People”, before posing a series of questions to the reader about political correctness, diversity meaning “less white” people, stopping immigration and being accused of racism for celebrating a person’s heritage.



  1. Ron says:

    Funny, I always thought I could celebrate being white by exercising tolerance, fighting racism and outing nazis.

  2. redraven says:

    I’m confused.
    Rebel Media seems to be thriving. The alt right is posting racist propaganda on public walls, white supremacists disguised as middle aged folks are attending rallies fronted by Chris Alexander or Kellie Leitch backed by God knows who and the vilest broadsheets featuring pro Nazi hateshit is being delivered to homes but if there is a hint of someone MAYBE protesting Kinder Morgan pipelines then the minister person of silly preemptive threats Jim Carr formerly of CAPP states in public that armed police and military that citizens pay for will be used to stifle dissent and arrest protesters for exercising their charter rights and he gets to keep his job.
    Seems to me the right wing gets to suck up all the oxygen and get a free pass while those who fight for real rights get the shaft.
    New boss same as the old boss. No better lyric was ever more succinct and relevant.
    thank you Pete Townsend.

  3. redraven says:


  4. dave constable says:

    It can feel pretty lonely being a member of a group that is being targeted, especially when the power of the state and media are going along with it.

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