01.12.2017 11:57 AM

John Horgan has had more positions than the Kama Sutra

This is a good bit about the BC NDP leader, who – on the big policy issues – seems to be whoever spoke to him last.

It’s from an attack site called Say Anything John, found here.


  1. daveconstable says:

    Yeah, I have had quite a few of these ‘dithering allegations’ from the BC Libs (or proxies) the past month or two. Looks like this will be a part of the BC Lib campaign: the firm hand, hard hat wearing, happy, happy BC Libs versus the dithering NDP.
    We’ve had a lot of government ads as well. Canucks games have an increasing number of pro BC Lib ads masquerading as government ads.
    As usual, the main media in BC does not mention anything the NDP says or does. They do give the Greens a bit of time and space. They figure that chips off NDP support.
    I think BCLibs are going to spend a lot of money out here on this campaign
    The Tyee has a lot of reports making a good case against the BC Libs, and for NDP, but most Tyee readers are already anti BCLib and pro NDP…with a few trolls from the premier’s 2 or 3 hundred communications staff.

    • Lawrence Barry says:

      Yo – Dave! – Canucks ratings are in the shitter so $$ for ad time is becoming bobka! Funny though – watched the Philly game tonight and must have missed the Lib/govt ads? Who is John Horgan? I could walk through our office and I betcha NO ONE could name the “leader” of the NDP! Pffffttttt!!

      • daveconstable says:

        Missed the game! I guess I have to rely on my good reputation on this message board to convince people I have seen the gv ads on hockey game broadcasts.
        I came across something saying that a 3rd party will be doing attacks on Horgan using a firm that used to do the same for the previous federal Conservative government. Given the emphasis of our main media in BC, maybe those attack ads will be the only way your office mates will know Horgan’s name.

  2. M-J says:

    Wondering: Are you making any money from posting this attack ad?

  3. The Doctor says:

    This is a huge existential issue that the BC NDP has– the inherent conflict between the interests of its green/social justice wing and its blue collar/butt cleavage/trade union (Teamsters,IWA, building trades) wing.

    • Kelly says:

      It exemplifies the error of progressives getting caught up in identity politics, intead of economic justice, before they had a chance to really win power for long enough to actually implement fair economic policies. That enabled the right to launch a culture war and appeal to the lower middle class and pit them against other disadvantaged groups which has caused a big distraction enabling plutocratic friendly fake progressive governments to enact neoliberal economic policies which are responsible for a lot of the current populist rage against globalization, immigration, etc.

  4. Miles Lunn says:

    NDP seems to suffer the same problem the Labour Party in the UK does, it appeals well to its base, but cannot find a way to expand beyond it. In the last 30 years in UK, only Tony Blair was able to win for the Labour Party and he did it being moving towards the centre. In BC, the NDP has only won when the pro-free enterprise vote was split. Yes they may win this May, but after the BC Liberals have been in power for 16 years, they should have a massive lead in the polls and be on their way to an easy win. Instead they are only tied and have a better than even chance of losing.

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