01.28.2017 06:23 PM

Judge me by my enemies 


  1. PJ says:

    We should review our immigration policy in light of the fact Conrad Black is a convicted criminal who pissed away his Canadian citizenship away was allowed to enter the country.

  2. cynical says:

    Class will always tell.
    Given ‘im hell, WK!

  3. Charlie says:

    Speaking of “criminal foreigners”.

    Fuck Conrad Black, that traitorous, douchebag, piece of shit and the ivory tower he pontificates from.

  4. Simon says:

    Good one Warren. Talk about an exemplar of the uppity sniveling Canadian right. Keep punching and letting Black and Trump know what most Canadians think of them.

  5. the salamander horde says:

    .. challenge Lord Black to a duel in 5 feet of muddy water, with sledge hammers.. better still, inquire if the use of a snow shovel, how to make a cuba libre, or sear a steak still eludes him.. Black is a hairsbreath away from being worse than Rex Murphy.. Sad

  6. Tim White says:

    I’m so excited we’re talking about “rescuing” print media this morning. National treasures such as ex convicts, faux Newfoundland gasbags and sales of thesauruses will be preserved.

  7. Ted H says:

    I suppose he learned how to drop his pants in jail, so he knows just what to do if he meets Trump.

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