01.11.2017 08:07 AM

So long, Mr. President 


  1. Russ says:

    You missed an outstanding speech to the American people – watch if you can

  2. sean says:

    No doubt Obama was the coolest Potus since JFK and great that a black American from a humble backround with a name resembling the most wanted terrorist in the world moved to Potus as fast as he did. I supported Bush Cheney in 2000 but Obama after 911 turned what could have been a decent Bush presidency into 7 years of neo-conservatism and regime change militarism and the death and chaos that came with it. Unfortunately Obama expanded the Bush Neo-Con foreign policy and was a great disappointment to those liberals that actually care about foreign policy and avoiding war which the democrats had traditionally been about. Oliver Stone, one of hollywoods more thoughtful liberals was hugely disappointed but” hey 4 more years 4 more years”. Nope . Lets pray Trump cares more about jobs than ME regime change and can extricate the US military out of the ME in next 4 years bc Obama and Clinton were not about that esp HRC

  3. sean says:

    this interesting read and for the Trump haters maybe history repeats and then what? we know how it turned out for JFK and Vietnam just saying .. maybe Obama thought about JFK after he went from Peace Potus to Neo Con flag waver with John (bomb em into the stone age” McCain) in Syria and Libya …just saying http://www.fff.org/2017/01/10/will-cia-retaliate-trump/

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