02.13.2017 02:44 PM

Best photo of 2017 so far

What a classic. 


  1. Ridiculosity says:

    You cannot shake hands with a clenched fist. – Indira Gandhi

  2. daveconstable says:

    Trump has a technique, like an arm wrestler. He pulls a person’s hand close to his body to enable him to control the handshake. It’s a clever trick…sort of like having everybody else’s chair slightly lower.
    I remember reading about Mussolini arranging visits in his office to help him get the upper hand. His desk was at the far end of a large spacious room. Te only chair was an elevated chair behind a large desk at the far end of the room. A person coming in had to walk across the entire empty room and stand in front of Mussolini’s desk.
    Interesting to watch ‘one-up’man-ship’ body language and choreography!

  3. Robert Frindt says:

    Trudeau’s hands look even smaller than Trumps… not that there’s anything wrong with that…


    (he said while trying on a new medium cadet golf glove…)

  4. Kevin says:

    WK, you should have called a caption contest for that photo. Some thoughts:

    “Up yours – pay for your own damn wall!”

    “No way chum. Who knows what it’s been up to?”

    “God, I hope Gerry brought the Purell!”

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