02.25.2017 10:27 AM

Leitch goes all alt-Right

But Breitbart isn’t “alt-Right.” It’s the principal North American platform for white supremacists, neo-Nazis and motley bigots and haters. 

And Conservative leadership candidate has chosen to advertise there. It wasn’t an accident. Here.

A few weeks ago, I pointed out online that the Ontario government had an ad there, too. Right afterwards, I heard from the Chief of Staff to the Premier, saying they were appalled, and that an investigation was underway to find out how that happened. He was very unhappy. 

Not Kellie Leitch. She put her ads there deliberately. With this latest move, she is now piloting alone through some very dark waters. She has left the real Canada. 

The only question is whether the rest of the Conservative Party is going to leave Canada with her. 


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    Lynn says:

    The Beaverton has it right.


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    dave constable says:

    I am trying mightily in this century to keep hip to the jive. So, Let’s see how I am doing:
    Feminists are now called ‘feminazis;
    environmentalists are now called econazis;
    …and nazis are called alt-right.

    Plus, I just received a piece of mail from Atlantic magazine that says “We want you back.” What crossed my mind was: ‘Why would I go back to you guys? You can’t even get in to a White House press briefing.”

    So…I think I am doing a good job of seeing the world in terms of poster puffery and twitter sized blurts.

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    the salamander hordes says:

    .. one is left hoping the ReformaTory Rump ‘conservatives’ follow Ms Kellie Leitch & relocate to #45’s Trumplandia.. epicentre Florida (‘Winter White House golf course) Washington for photo ops.. or the land of real estate, casino opportunity and deception – Moscow

    Perhaps Kevin O’Leary could trumple along as well.. though he is well entrenched in Boston eh.. and Steven Blaney could just plunge in the vagueness of all his confusions.. He and Calandra, Rob Anders et al are poster guys for the obedient whipped insectoids Harper raised into the MP ranks from various partisan faux ethical garbage heaps across Canada

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    Ted H says:

    Since Kellie Leitch is a doctor, I thought that she was a principled Conservative, maybe a PC in the same stream as Joe Clark, someone who exhibits some semblance of humanity in her political views. When she had to go on TV during the 2015 election to promote the absurd “Barbaric Practices Hotline” I though that as a Con back bencher she was roped into taking one for the party by promoting this hateful, ignorant policy. However, it now seems she was actually a willing and enthusiastic participant in that electoral folly. I hope she’s a good doctor because if not, she sure doesn’t deserve any respect.

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      the salamander horde says:

      .. ‘good doctors’ don’t pimp for Canadian asbestos exports to 3rd world countries ..

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      Kelly says:

      She is a doctor who also has an MBA. That is a terrible combination unless you see medicine as a way to get rich and patients as customers.

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