02.17.2017 09:00 AM

Toronto Star wins front page headline of the day

I’ve checked out quite a few, in the US and UK. The Star has the best headline, seen here below the fold. 

Good thing we got this guy, instead of Hillary with all her emails!


  1. Richard says:

    I wonder what initiatives President Clinton announced yesterday in a parallel universe. Expansion of the Affordable Care Act? New measures to enhance American efforts to combat climate change?

  2. Lance says:

    Trump’s most virulent opponents are so desperate that they have totally misjudged and gambled with their position once too often, and have stuck their neck out too far this time. They have clearly broken the law. Does anyone really think Trump has no play to make here? Eventually there will investigations, these leakers will be going to prison; its just a matter of time now, this is treason territory. These leakers in the intelligence community are going to get absolutley crushed.

    • Eric Weiss says:

      Of course you don’t care that the POTUS may be in collusion with a foreign government? That Flynn lied to the FBI and VPOTUS about being in contact with Russian officials? That Trump was briefed about it a month ago and was going to sweep it under the rug until it was leaked to the press and he had to act? That he may have lied about knowing Putin? That he may have lied about business dealing with Russian oligarchs? I remember when conservatives actually pretended to care about ethics and conflict of interest, guess those days are over.

  3. Kelly says:

    Im just waiting for reporters to start throwing shoes like they do when phony American liars hold press conferences in Iraq.

  4. pat says:

    They’re all bullshit – Media concentration ruined their credibility years ago, and this alt media garbage is nazi propaganda – nobody, it seems, actually gives a fuck about real people, and real things. One billionaires ego versus the other, and at the end of the day the real issue that created this anemic economy is wealth concentration and nobody seems to do anything about that – so who cares –

  5. ms says:

    the Press conference was just audacious. I think the Trumpster must still be angry about Joe winning the handshake wars.
    Honestly one month in and Prez Trump is totally unhinged, he cannot take any insult/slight/ or criticism and as folks mentioned throughout the election, the idea that he cannot stop freaking out and responding to all his detractors is definitely affecting his ability to govern.

    • Peter says:

      Two universes. My take was a more modest version of yours in that we saw a display of worrisome instability, but not everyone agrees, including a veteran NPR reporter and White House correspondent (note: not Breibart or the alt-right) who was there.

      American progressives should start being more careful about where this highly emotional shotgun approach to Trump the man may lead them. Giving uncritical credence to every alarmist headline or to anonymous sources deep in the bowels of the massive U.S. security apparatus may end up putting them on the wrong side of public opinion when the dust starts to settle, as it inevitably will.

    • ms says:

      Fred…lets take another example of say when the media presents alternative facts that politicians and others have offered. Say like that time when Donald Trump was accusing Obama of not being an American citizen. Obama gave the media his birth certificate and moved on. He poked fun at Trump in a press conference dinner and he cont’d to govern.
      NOW if obama had started yelling at media, accusing Donald Trump of nefarious machinations and screamed at CNN reporters ….that they are the fake news…..I can imagine the republicans losing it, and calling Obama to step down.
      Lets take it from another angle, if Hilary had held a press conference like Trump did…..and said the media lies and there are leaks in the white house….and said that the truth can only be from her….again the howls of republicans ( and probably the media)…..but instead folks like you want to still say….but but her email scandal …and then give a complete pass on the russian affair that ties to Donald Trump’s election.

      the idea that trump supporters, right wing supporters, and any type of con …really see Donald Trump as a strong candidate, who tells it like it is…tells me they are witnessing a different version of reality. Trump is a shallow, small minded bully who somehow conned his way into the white house….and when he is showing signs of complete incompetence….and he does( ala maralago, and his security briefs over weekend dinners) ….its not a strong candidate who is finally governing the way the average american joe would…its a completely ignorant non leader, making errors that might cost american lives, and perhaps a whole whack of money( tax dollars alone that he has spent on security and travel must have groover nordquist pulling out his hair)

      Imagine if Justin Trudeau pulled these stunts, would you call him a strong leader, a man of the people, someone who is finally governing effectively. NOOO I dont think so, you would call him an incompetent insult to leadership and blame his pampered upbringing and the lack of abilities and say the drama teacher has surpassed his level of competence.

      Meanwhile a failed millionaire, who had everything handed to him, who lives with only yes man, has the nuclear codes, yeah this is hopefully going to end soon with impeachment as that is the safest scenario.
      And if you really believe his press conference was just dandy and he wasn’t at all ranting….take a look at his twitter account for back up to what the rest of the world is saying, its not fake news, its not lies…its a verified twitter account with every stupid thought that crosses his mind.

  6. Mario says:

    People voted with their wallets not about emails. Public doesn’t understand or cares about inside baseball type topics.

    Michael Moore said Trump would win Michigan and Ohio based on Trump’s comments about NAFTA.

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