02.07.2017 09:05 PM

What goes ’round comes around, you loathsome GOP obstructionist bastards


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    Brent Sienna says:

    It ends 4-4 only if Ginsburg does not recuse herself due to her comments about Trump during the campaign. Trump’s people will most likely argue bias on her part and might have a point thanks to her saying too much. Should she recuse herself the decision becomes 4-3 for Trump.

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      Rene Gauthier says:

      I hope she doesn’t.

      Scalia didn’t.

      What goes around, comes around.

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      Ronald O'Dowd says:


      I have a better chance of being named to the USSC than Ginsburg recusing herself. Wouldn’t happen even if Scalia came back from the dead and literally begged her.

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    dean sherratt says:

    Ummm, we have a long way to go before the trial decision in the 9th Circuit is appealed to the full 9th Circuit Court of Appeals and then is appealed to the US Supreme Court. Now the Supreme Court may take the case sooner than later if there are contrary decisions by federal courts or they may not take the case if the lowery are unanimous and let the decision stand. One may take some comfort in the meantime that the Administration is complying with the trial decision imposing a temporary injunction and it is entirely possible that the rule-making may be finished on or around the original time lines of the original immigration order. It was after all only intended to be a temporary expedient pending a review. Now the only part of the original order intended to have some permanence is prohibiting refugees from Syria – one of the seven countries affected. There is quite a wide range of options on what to do there…accept UNHCR-approved refugees who are in the refugee camps (many in Jordan or Turkey) up to an including the rather disastrous decision by Western Europe countries to take in all who could make it there. This not only resulted in a shock in Germany where most intended to settle but also embittered the countries in between…Greece, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Serbia and Hungary and a few others. So both courts and the administration will have a full range of experiences to draw on…

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