03.20.2017 09:53 AM

BREAKING: FBI actively investigating Trump-Russia “coordination”

Here we go. It will be hard for the trained seals in the GOP caucus to ignore this. 

And, wow. Never thought Comey would go this far.


  1. Houland Wolfe says:

    If Trump is impeached, the U.S. rids itself of an International embarrassment, but not the Republican agenda. First the FBI chief damages the Hillary campaign, then undermines the Trump presidency. The result is President Spence, the uncharismatic, otherwise unelectable fundamentalist Christian. Thanks for nothing79w Mr. Comey.

  2. Aongasha says:

    You guys think the majority of Canadians care about this stuff? It’s only pundits and a lazy Can. media who do. It saves them from actually having to do some work and chase down stories. Besides Trump is suckering all the US journos, they yowl about his latest misdemenor, while he goes merrily on his way, implementing his agenda and his base loves it. Not going to beat him this way and no Canadian commentator or media type especially is going to have one iota of influence come the next US election.

  3. dave constable says:

    I watched a wee bit of the hearing before the House of Reps committee.
    I dunno, folks, I think a guy could put the names of a dozen or so other states in place of “Russia’ in these questions regarding foreign states meddling in American election. As well, I could put in a few names of organizations and people in questions regarding Americans who seem to be working as agents of a foreign state other than Russia.

    But, Russia is the enemy right now (hasn’t quite displaced Muslims…but Russia seems to be in first place), and the Trump presidency is the political target, so, we’ll see how this plays out.

    • The Doctor says:

      God, that’s weak. Better go back to spin class.

      • dave constable says:

        Come on, Doc: Nixon/Kissinger and the Vietnamese, Reagan/Kissinger and the Iranian theocracy, B Clinton and the Chinese, KSA and the Bushes, H Clinton and KSA/Morrocco, AIPAC and everybody, – foreign meddling in USA election has taken and still takes many forms…and I doubt not that in there were Americans who would have easily been considered agents of a foreign power.
        To me, this looks more like political targeting.

    • Robert Frindt says:

      One problem the left created for themselves is that they spent 100 years denying that Russian dictators are a threat to the West.

      And now, suddenly, Russia is a satanic menace and any contact with them is treason.

      BTW, If contact with Putin controlled companies = treason there are going to be a lot of friendly fire casualties.

  4. Robert Frindt says:

    So does this mean that this NYT headline and story is accurate after all ?


    Just trying to keep up…

  5. Charlie says:

    Comey’s comment on the Patriots today won my heart.

    I might have to reconsider how I feel about this guy.

  6. the salamander says:

    .. Government as cesspool..
    (Swamps are priceless wetlands BTW – draining them is bad)

    We’re witnessing what may be the endgame for distorted & captured governments, political parties, partisan creeps & misc trough crawlers. Comey is being forced to walk on water, as are the principal other Security entities. The Border Patrol has gone off the deep end based on horrendous hiring practices and the current Trump regime.

    This is all just ‘natural consequence’ and any fool knew Trump/Bannon was catastrophic and toxic. Good grief, the thug is golfing, dining, tweeting, spouting, denying.. I keep pointing out that this is simply Trump University fraud on a humungous scale.. but no 25 million $ settlement.. or 25 trillion $ settlement will result. The GOP have their ticket to ride & at some point we’ll see pitched battle of the Trump thuggies vs the droog. These loser are interchangeable by the way.. they’re all self serving faux ‘christians’ like Trump’s Oklahoma campaign chair.. unfortunately found in the company of an underage live boy.. not a dead girl.

    I expect we’ll see civil (or uncivil) war. Sporadic at first then mounting in frequency & ferocity.. after all, they all have guns eh.. including National Guard Reserve, State & local police & if in doubt there’s always the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines.. Trump is just an old loud fat bully know it all.. whereas Bannon is more the dank cowardly Rasputin tripe stylist.. self styled guru dontacha know. Together they are radioactive to sentient beings.. irresponsible deniers, liars and twisted losers – sick power junkies. Aside from the damage to communities, society & culture, I truly cringe at the permanent damage to species, habitat and Environment these two freaks will inflict

  7. Jean says:

    Slide Shows on Public Health and Social Justice Website Updated for Spring, … All slide shows are open access, meaning that anyone can use all or part of one, with appropriate citation. See http://www.publichealthandsocialjustice.org or http://www.phsj.org.

    The author of this post seems anxious to get his work out into the hands of lawmakers and the public before it is made to disappear. He added this personal note, that I thought WK and his readers may find interesting: “… all information in the slideshows comes from real, not “alternative” facts, and is culled from peer-reviewed journals, respected news organizations (e.g., AP, Reuters, BBC) and periodicals (e.g., Harpers, New Yorker, National Geographic, Smithsonian, etc.). Note that I have not included developments from the early days of the T**** ( my edit) administration, as it is hard to keep up with the moment-to-moment dismantling of human rights and the Constitution coming from this narcissistic, sociopathic, temperamental, xenophobic, racist, misogynistic, ecocidal, profiteering, anti-science, war-mongering pseudo-Christian and acknowledged perpetrator of sexual assault, and his amoral, complicit to actively-involved toadies, who lack basic human qualities like empathy. Those committed to social justice, human and environmental health, and world peace should resist the dictatorial urges of this demagogue at every turn.”

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