03.24.2017 04:36 PM

Highly-scientific poll™ on trump’s yuge loss


  1. The Doctor says:

    This is sweet justice. Republican far-right assholes spent 8 years shitting all over Obamacare without ever logically or honestly explaining what exactly they were going to do once they were given the keys to the car. These clowns, especially the ones in the White House, don’t know how to govern. All they really know how to do is bitch and complain and talk about how awful Obama and Hillary are and how everything that’s wrong with the world is the fault of liberals, George Soros and The Globalists. Their pants are around their ankles now, and it’s obvious what a bunch of useless, lying fuckups they really are.

  2. Dan Calda says:

    I would rather the repeal failure hurt Paul Ryan more.
    Trump has many yuge problems coming up. Paul Ryan, Mike Pence et al need to be taken to the woodshed.

    • Charlie says:

      Yeah, as much as this is a colossal loss for Trump and a slap in the face for “the deal maker”, Paul Ryan shares in the humiliation just as much. He is the establishment’s leader who blew an opportunity that was 7 years in the making to come up with an alternative to Obamacare (although, it could be argued that replacing was never part of Ryan’s objective).

      Nevertheless, Trump can bitch and moan about the Democrats but the reality is that in his first major legislative move, Trump saw a massive failure to deliver on a fundamental campaign pillar and Paul Ryan failed to exert any meaningful influence over his party.

      This is just the first stumble for Congress Republicans and the WH too. Tax-reform isn’t going to be all that much easier and Paul Ryan’s either gonna piss off Trump or the fundamentalist GOPers.

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