03.14.2017 01:38 PM

How to eliminate 99 per cent of Twitter trolls, in seconds

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  1. rww says:

    Well that would mute me because I don’t think Twitter needs to know my phone number

  2. Charlie says:

    Twitter is a complete and utter cesspool, and its entirely the fault of Twitter’s shitty and greedy management of its platform.

    The fact one could be able to create and use an account without verifying their identity is ludicrous in itself, but extremely telling of where Twitter’s priorities lie. The last the the social-media site wants to do is decrease its usage, so it allows a plethora of frivolous accounts to exist in order to inflate it’s platforms relevance.

    Some statistics have put the number of “fake accounts” at nearly 30% of all of Twitter’s usage. Thats not even counting all the redundant and inactive accounts.

    Tech companies have gone largely under the scope of scrutiny because of millennial reliance, but we’ve reached a point where social media companies now behave similarly to tobacco companies prior to their regulation. There is a prevalence of shameless opportunism with very little accountability in this economy that I think consumers need to wake up to.

    • rww says:

      I wonder how many Donald Trump accounts there are – I’ve seen numerous without even looking for them.

    • Aurelia says:

      Facebook requires real names and verification, and at one point 6% of their members were dogs, cats, and various pets. Same for Linked in, and they require credit cards.

  3. Bill Templeman says:

    Thanks Warren, this is truly a public service!

  4. Kelly says:

    The pricks running social media and the investors supporting them only think of one thing: money.

    Here is how to kick their asses… https://www.theguardian.com/media/2017/mar/14/social-media-hate-speech-fines-germany-heiko-maas-facebook

    But this kind of thing happens because the right kind of people get elected. That takes work. It takes grass-roots effort as Warren wisely counsels. It takes simplicity and focus, rather than getting lost in identity politics, that in my view is part of the reason for the rise of the far right. First we need to focus on income inequality because it is the source of real power imbalance. Once nobody has to worry about the basics — food, clothing, shelter, education, health — we focus on the rest. That means guaranteed annual income, expanded public healthcare coverage, such as dental and drugs needs to happen right now, and this needs to be paid for by returning to truly progressive tax rates, like we used to have, and they still have in innovative, highly competitive economies like Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

    This stuff isn’t hard. A small number of people will howl, but so-what. There’s more of us.

  5. Aurelia says:

    The part about Avatars is a problem, since people who are blind and low vision, do not often bother with Avatars. They don’t see the point in visual representations. They would put up an audio representation if possible, like a 5 second clip or a ringtone or an audioboo, etc.
    Several of the people I speak with online, only use default avatars. And have visual disabilities. I tried explaining what an avatar was and that it was required, but that sound, or text-to-speech wasn’t required. They were offended.
    I just think it’s senseless, because robot spammers and trolls often scrape tweets, avatars, photos, and use those to make accounts.
    And their “quality” filter? It let’s porn through, threats, insults, and boring ads and sponsored tweets. It blocks swear words, political tweets, “offensive pictures and words in quotes” eg, when trying to publicize someone or ridicule say, a KKK member.
    And I don’t know how it does this, but it lets porn through and filters out tweets on breast cancer, gyne cancer, and any medical discussion on health care or sex ed that uses correct anatomy terms.
    Twitter should employ people–not use computer filters. We are still smarter than any artificial intelligence out there

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