04.04.2017 09:59 AM

Allies in hate: Soldiers of Odin and the Jewish Defence League

The Soldiers of Odin is a rapidly-growing far-Right anti-refugee, anti-immigrant racist organization now found across Canada.  Experts call them a terror group.  More on them here and here.

The Jewish Defence League is a far-Right group that has itself been classified as extremist by the FBI for many years, and its parent organizations Kach and Kahane Chai are now officially terrorist organizations in Israel, Canada, the E.U. and the United States.  More here and here.  The JDL wasn’t always that way, as I write in Web of Hate, but it sure is now.

And now the JDL stands shoulder-to-shoulder with the Muslim and immigrant-hating Soldiers of Odin.  An organization founded by an actual neo-Nazi.

Here’s just one picture of a Canadian JDL guy with a Soldiers of Odin guy, in Toronto.  Here is a video of them causing a mini-riot at Toronto City Hall.


That the JDL and Soldiers of Odin are hanging out together may not be a big deal – it may even make sense. They both clearly hate Muslims and Muslim refugees.  Hateful birds of a feather, etc.

But what is significant is that the JDL and Soldiers of Odin are now scooting back and forth across international borders, despite the clear linkages to terrorism, and despite their clear willingness to commit crimes of violence.

How is that possible?  Why aren’t the authorities stopping them?  What are the police doing about it?

All good questions.  But what isn’t in question is that the Jewish Defence League and Soldiers of Odin are now united, in their shared hatred of refugees, immigrants and Muslims.

And that’s  a problem for everyone.



  1. Pipes says:

    Excellent post! Thank you.

    These people have been the simmering shit at the bottom of the septic tank and found their way out.

  2. Thanks for being one of the first Canadian media outlets to draw attention to this new alliance. THanks too for the link to my blog post.

    There are so many unanswered questions about seeming security lapses that permitted Canadian extremists bound to commit mayhem in the U.S. national capital to cross an international border & then return home (with the exception of 1 charged with a hate crime). Those lapses happened on both sides of the border. Why is that both countries seem transfixed by Islamist terror but ignore white supremacist and Jewish terror?

    I’m planning a new post exposing other JDL members and their activities.

  3. David says:

    Shocking, but no surprise.

    The Soldiers of Odin is a violent/racist/fascistic organization and the JDL employs violent/fascistic tactics to support Israel, a violent/fascistic entity.

  4. Pyani says:

    What I don’t understand is why these groups are not covered in the media.

    The JDL crossed the border to the US a few weeks back and brutally assaulted an American professor. The guy who carried the attack is being charged in the US on hate crimes and assault charges.

    He lives in Vaughan, Ontario, yet no Canadian news organization covers the story. Meanwhile, the head of the JDL used to boast about advising Jason Kenney on decisions pertaining people crossing the Canadian border (he boasted about it on the CBC). Harper used taxpayer money to bring the head of the JDL along during his trip to Israel when he was Prime Minister.

    How is it that when a group with such serious ties to the conservatives commits serious crimes, it does not warrant an article in major newspapers. It seems like it should be on the front page.

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