04.17.2017 09:39 AM

Fox News = bullshit 



  1. dave constable says:

    Lol…The only shoes I walk in are on my own feet.

  2. Miles Lunn says:

    There are 1.6 billion Muslims globally and only a very very small percentage are terrorists. The vast majority of moderate Muslims have condemned terrorism and note the majority killed globally by Islamic terrorism have been Muslims themselves. Yes the religion has gotten a bad rap, but the actual number of Muslims who are terrorist is quite small. Looking below the surface there are couple of things that come to mind.

    1. Most Muslim countries are developing ones and in developing ones where the gap between the haves and have nots is wide, foreign influence is perceived to be the reason for being a poor country, or growth is stagnate or negative often you do get people who turn violent. While in the Muslim world they have turned to Islamic terrorism, in Latin America, many turned to leftist terrorism and the grievances the leftist in Latin America have are not much different than Islamic fundamentalists. I’ve been to three Muslim countries and one of them was Malaysia which has had continuous economic growth of 6% since the late 50s and an emerging middle class and despite being devoutly Muslim, you almost never hear about Malaysian terrorists. Also the Malays (who are Muslim) have been able to enjoy much of the success, it hasn’t just flowed to the Chinese minority, who up until the riots in 1969 dominated the upper class.

    2. Christianity was ever bit as violent in the past and it was the Protestant Reformation and Enlightenment that forced the church to change or die. I believe it is very likely Islam will see a similar thing which will force it to modernize or die as religions that don’t modernize to fit in the world of today lose followers and become less relevant.

    3. Very few Muslim immigrants in either Canada or US commit terrorism, it’s more in Europe and in North America the Muslim community has generally done well economically whereas less so in Europe, so much of this is anger at lack of opportunities to get ahead. They found in Britain, the profile of those who join radical Islamist group closely matches those who join gangs, otherwise marginalized people who feel they have no hope. Almost all Islamic terrorism in Europe has been by second generation Muslims not first generation as the first generation understands moving to a new country is always a challenge, but many in the second generation resent being treated like second class citizens despite being born and raised in the country. Interestingly enough Bosnia, Kosovo, and Albania are all predominately Muslim yet quite liberal like the rest of Europe (they are unfortunately quite homophobic but no more so than other Eastern European countries suggesting geography not religion is the cause is you have a strong West/East divide in Europe on attitudes towards LGBT rights). So in sum I believe if there were more opportunities for second and third generation Muslims to move up rather than be stuck at the bottom you would have less issues. Higher crime amongst Muslims in Europe is no different than higher crime rate amongst Blacks in the US and First Nations in Canada. It’s not because those groups are inherently more violent, its because they’ve been marginalized.

    As Trudeau once said you should condemn it but also understand the root causes too which Fox News and the alt right in the US seem incapable of doing. I’ve found in politics, when things are going well and people feel hopeful about their opportunities they are generally moderate and favour those close to the middle of the political spectrum, while when struggling and feeling lack of opportunity, people are more likely to be attracted to the extremes.

  3. Bob Hall says:

    Right on Miles, Warren.

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