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“I’ll watch you for a while, I know you like that.”

Who’d ever say that to a woman?

If you guessed John Horgan, BC NDP leader, you’d guess right. He said it today to BC Premier Christy Clark. Link here.

6 Responses to ““I’ll watch you for a while, I know you like that.””

  1. Luke says:

    Wait, was he speaking to her? From the quote it reads like he was talking to the moderator (?; Bill). But I didn’t see the exchange.

    If he directed that at her, that is very bad for his election prospects. Sounds terrible.

  2. dave constable says:

    Here are some other Craigie tweets from that debate:

    1. Clark: Calm down John” ( as she leans over and touches him)
    Horgan: Don’t touch me again, please.

    2. Do you swear to tell the post truth, the whole post truth and nothing but the whole post truth? (On Clark’s flim flam about her involvement in the health ministry firings!)

    3. Good asks Clark where they will get money for MSP cuts. Weaver interrupts with a laugh: “LNG.”

    Tweets I follow tell me BC Libs are desperately playing the sexism card after this debate. I guess out of province BCLibs are as well.

  3. Christian says:

    Well, given what happened south of the border, this, sadly, won’t go anywhere (as gross as it is).

    I don’t live in BC, but if I did the only party, I’d consider voting for is Green.

    • dave constable says:

      A part of NDP propaganda here is that a vote for Green is a vote for the BCLibs. In the debate today, both Weaver (BC Green leader) agreed a few times going after Clark’s record. People said it would be a vicious campaign.

      • Fred from BC says:

        That’s not propaganda, Dave…that’s fact.

        The Greens aren’t taking votes from the Liberals, they’re taking them from the NDP (in the same way that the federal NDP takes votes from the Liberals, and not the Conservatives). Vote splitting will re-elect the BC Liberals by allowing them to come up the middle. Jean Chretien did it with a divided right wing when the PCs/Reform were squabbling and Stephen Harper did it with a divided left when the Liberals obligingly tore their own party apart (thanks, Mr. Dithers!).

        The Green Party may be taken seriously in some European countries, but they’re not much more than an amusement here.

  4. Fred from BC says:

    This just seemed so highly unlikely that I had to do a little ‘fact checking’…

    CTV had nothing on it, nor did the CBC. MacLean’s was also a bust (all of them covered the debate, but curiously none chose to mention this particular exchange). Finally I went to the Globe & Mail, and found this:


    At another point, Mr. Horgan said he would be content to let Ms. Clark talk while he watched her. “I know you like it,” he told her. “You’re all politics all the time. You don’t know anything but politics.” Later he told reporters, “She’s a photo-op Premier. She wants to draw attention to herself rather than, in my view, what we need to focus on as political leaders – people.”


    Looks a bit different when quoted verbatim and in context, doesn’t it?

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