04.21.2017 06:57 AM

Putin is the enemy

And anyone allied with Russia, a new fascist state, is an enemy of democracy. 


  1. dave constable says:

    I understand the justice department warned the Witnesses to cease distribution of literature against blood transfusions. The Witnesses did not do so, so the ministry brought the case under their legislation regarding extremism. Th extremism was defined as distributing info harmful to health. The Witnesses will appeal the decision.

  2. Kelly says:

    Putin is bad but no worse in outcome than most American Presidents and many PMs of the Anglosphere who have no trouble illegally attacking sovereign countries so their political donors can get their hands on resources. Or carrying out extra judicial killings via drone strikes or fomenting unrest because a government decides to nationalize a strategic industry. They have no problem cutting services for people who do all the work and then cutting taxes for the people who skim all the money then wonder why we have deficits, which must be eliminated with, you know, more austerity. At least Putin is honest. Western politicians — especially many Liberal Party and Democratic party ones – – are phonies. They campaign on the left and government on the right. The result? Trump…Le Pen…Brexit…the Reform Party…third world conditions on reserves… rising infant mortality… endless f#*%ing war…the list goes on…this is why some people on the left actually supported Trump and chuckle at Putin’s chutzpah…they too want to burn the mofo down in the naive hope of starting fresh. The system is so screwed that they see no alternative. It’s tragic.

  3. Ronald O'Dowd says:


    You mean they won’t get blown up by “Chechens”???

  4. Robert Frindt says:

    “Putin has outlawed Jehovah’s Witnesses in Russia, plans to shutter their churches…”

    Oh horrors ! Putin has taken off the mask and is turning into… Duplessis

    One big problem the left has is that it spent 100 years denying that Russian dictators were a threat to the West, and that Russian agents and spies in government were a serious problem.

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