05.08.2017 08:46 AM

BC election: too close to call

But if the ballot question is economy/jobs – and it usually is – then Christy Clark’s BC Liberals will win.  Take a look at this info-heavy Ipsos chart:


She is also ahead if the dominate issue(s) is/are taxes, government spending, transportation, pipelines, or natural resources.

If, however, the ballot question is health, housing, education and social issues generally, John “I’ll watch you for a while” Horgan will do better.

I think my BC Liberal friends will still win.  One big poll today agrees.

What say you, B.C. folks? What’s the dominant issue out there in God’s country?

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  1. Mark says:

    The biggest issue far and away in Vancouver and much of the Lower Mainland is housing affordability and availability. In the rest of the Province, there are several issues, including the usual: healthcare, environmental protection, and the economy and jobs, probably in that order. I still think the Liberals will win, but the NDP and the Greens both speak to more people on the above issues (except for economy) than the Liberals.

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