05.09.2017 03:41 PM

Dear BC: wish I was out there with you tonight

I think it will be a good night for my friends.



  1. Miles Lunn says:

    I hope so too. As you’ve explained the BC NDP are quite crooked and nasty. It also is amazing that after how badly they got beat in 2001 and 16 years in opposition they really haven’t changed. Most parties after a couple of losses learn from it and change to become more elected. The federal Liberals initially didn’t but after the 2011 disaster they made big changes and thus why they were able to win in 2015. It seems the NDP just hopes eventually people will tire of the government and they will win which is not the best strategy or that those who remember the 90s die off, but that is many years away.

  2. PJH says:

    Not quite an Alison Redford surprise…..but close……..

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