05.16.2017 12:04 PM

Good times


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    Lynn says:

    We can joke about Drumpf’s narcissism and off the wall thinking, but I have thought for ages that something is very wrong with the man. His thinking and the misplaced paranoia are just bizarre to name a couple of things that are obvious.

    I am from a family where very few have escaped dementia. Grandmother, her siblings, uncle, and on Sunday my mother did not know me, so I have watched dementia very close up.

    When watching Trump I think of this: My gifted, well educated, world traveling, sharp as a tack uncle hid his dementia very effectively. He was about the age of Herr Drumpf when it began and by the age of 72 was catatonic. My father overheard the specialist giving my uncle’s case to the residents. They were told that it was the fastest case he had ever seen; approx 6 months from diagnosis to non-verbal.

    I have wondered very often about Trump as he loses his train of thought and says off the wall things. Could this be a sign that things are not firing as they should and his enablers and family have hidden it well?

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    Steve T says:

    You know it’s bad when I start saying to myself: Well, perhaps dementia-related behaviour is better than psychopathic-related behaviour…

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    Ronald O'Dowd says:


    Reminds me of Reagan’s second term. But they will work around that unless the House impeaches him.

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    Ridiculosity says:

    It’s not dementia. It’s stupidity mixed with a healthy dose of ignorance. Full stop.

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    Ronald O'Dowd says:


    Mom has vascular dementia but fortunately, it’s progressing very slowly. She’s 86.

    Wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. Should have clicked when Trump said that he never mocked a disabled reporter when the tape is there for all to see. That was the sad beginning of a separation from reality.

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      joeyj says:

      Trump mocked the reporter, but wasn’t mocking the reporter’s disability. There is a difference. And that difference, that little crucial detail is what Trump denied.

      Trump has mocked Ted Cruz and an unidentified General and no doubt others in the exact same way – flailing his arms – and so far as I know Cruz and the General are not disabled.

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    Charlie says:

    It is possible that Trump is just an extremely narcissistic asshole with a high degree of sociopathic tendencies that have gone unchecked for his entire adult life. I wouldn’t necessarily jump to the conclusion of a degenerative ailment behind his idiocy. Many people who have known Donald Trump personally for decades have been consistently clear on his personality and mentality being exactly what we see it as being for as long as they’ve known him.

    I’d refrain from getting into this illness discussion altogether.

    The man needs to be held responsible for his own decisions and behaviour without a caveat like this. These “staffers” could possibly be looking for some cover for their own obliviousness to Donald Trump’s stupidity and their own inability to cope with his leadership.

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